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Adam Ginsberg International / amazon seller program

1 Sunnyvale, CA, United States
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This summarizes my experience with them. They responded with a harsh email saying it was my fault and wasnt true.

To Whom It May Be Concerned,

I am writing to you today to express my severe discontent and frustration with Adam Ginsberg’s Internet Millionaire Program. I heard Adam speak at the Les Brown, Get Motivated event in South San Francisco on February 10th, 2016. I signed up for the 3-day workshop which I attended the following month in Sacramento, CA. After hearing the “tools, software, knowledge, and experience” his company was offering, I believed that his program would help me develop a successful new venture selling on Amazon. I decided to sign up for his Bachelor Program, at a cost of $10, 000, and start my new business. Unfortunately, it was not close to anything I hoped for or anticipated.

Below, I have laid out, in detail, the many reasons for my frustration and discontent. The reasons that have solidified my belief that this company is a fraud, which wrongfully deceive its customers.

Promised investment return within 6 months:
Multiple times throughout the weekend, I asked how fast I would recoup my investment. One of the coaches each time promised that with 5-10 hours per week, I would recoup my investment within 6 months.Unfortunately, after months of hard work, I have not made a dime from the services they offered, but have actually lost money. I have spent over 200 hours on this project. I have a finance degree at a top college, and no matter how hard I work, what Adam said in the 3-day seminar is just not adding up. Just check the amount of bad reviews of him online. This is just one of many: /link removed/
2. Encouraging people to get a loan to pay for the program:
During the the tail-end of the lecture, Adam listed 4 websites you could go to get a loan to pay for his program. These loans all had high interest rates He asserted that if I obtained a loan to pay for his program, I would rapidly pay off the loan fast because I would be be averaging 14-16% return. This trade practice has recently been in the news as law enforcement authorities in New York have taken action against Donald Trump for doing the same thing. This form of sales and marketing is wrong, deceitful, and improper.
3. Charging ~$200/half-hour for “Professional” Coaching Calls:None of the information nor coaching I received from my coach, Ben, could even be described as mediocre. Almost all of the information provided was “fluffed up” and the call was nothing more than a “Get Motivated” call, and almost worthless. After finishing my ~10th call (out of 20), I hoped it would get better. My last call was no more than 13 minutes. The last phone call I had with Ben left a bitter taste in my mouth and I had to finally pull the plug.

4. Selling My Information to Third Parties
I have received multiple telephone calls from a gentleman named Ty Talbot from a company called Product Directory. He said he works as an affiliate of Internet Millionaire and obtained my information from Ben. His job is to sell information from [protected] Chinese contacts at a cost ranging from $1, 000-$5, 000. In his sales pitch, I was told I would have everything I needed. None of this turned out to be true. In addition, during my phone sessions with Ben, the tips he gave me to find manufacturers that led to nowhere.
5. The Software is a Scam:
I bought the entire software package. I only used two, as these were the ones that the coaches said to start with.
Example 1 : Retail Arbitrage - This software is unworkable - I used it for 1-2 months for approximately -2 hour per day. I found the software flawed and nothing more than a conduit for advertisements. For example, I bought 10 New Stars Wars’ DVDs from Walmart, which I wanted to sell on Ebay for a profit. When I attempted to sell these DVDs on eBay, , there were already advertisements of the same DVDs I just bought.How am I supposed to win?
Example 2: SpyRival- The ONLY thing that is any good about this software is you can see how many of a certain item sell each day. This software shows the number of items sold per day and each item’s “Sales Rank.” According to what I was told by Adam at the seminar, this is very expensive information. However, I had specifically asked if this is the Sales Ranking that EVERYBODY can see already on Amazon under the ASIN number and Adam Ginsberg clearly said NO. However, 99% of the time, that number is the SAME.

I hope that helps, do not trust these individuals. Some of the speakers who preach the service don't even use it.

Nov 7, 2016

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