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Adam Ginsberg International / stay away,

Sep 14, 2018

We are out 19, 000$ plus for software that does Not work in Canada. I requested a refund, still waiting... Their answer? oh em the software is being worked . and tweaked. Contemplating a law suit. They made us MAX out our credit Cards for a miracle software that DOES NOT WORK. any help on stopping that scam before other gets hurt financialy? More To Come.

Adam Ginsberg International / product

Sep 04, 2017

July 22nd 2017, Adam sold Internet Mastery software for US $ 5997. He did seminar at Holiday Inn Toronto from 21, 22 and 23rd of July. As per Adam Ginsberg he was authorized by amazon to do these seminars. The software includes Razon Software and Spyrival, They claim...

Adam Ginsberg International / amazon seller program

Nov 07, 2016

This summarizes my experience with them. They responded with a harsh email saying it was my fault and wasnt true. To Whom It May Be Concerned, I am writing to you today to express my severe discontent and frustration with Adam Ginsberg’s Internet Millionaire Program. I heard Adam speak at...

Adam Ginsberg International / template optimizer and program

Apr 23, 2016

I purchased Adam's course after attending a workshop in Charlotte, NC. It cost me $15, 000, of which I got a paper book with information in it and access to a coach. Never once did anything work the way it was supposed to. The template optimizer never worked properly and eventually the...

Adam Ginsberg / click to trade

Jun 24, 2013

Hello I recently put in a complaint about Adam Ginsberg wondered if you could remove my name from the uploaded letter on file for everyone to see. Also was wondering how long before I know if I have some way of getting a refund from all of this thanks

Adam Ginsberg / misleading selling

Feb 02, 2013

I attended an eBay workshop with Adam Ginsberg. At this workshop, Adam did a very good sales pitch on a different set of products and services. During this sales pitch he did a "demonstration" of the product and services you would be getting for a purchase price of $17, 000. According to...

Adam Ginsberg / scam

Aug 19, 2012

With Adam Ginsberg recently doing the rounds in Australia to promote his workshops later this year in Brisbane and Sydney - I went along to his free 90 minute speal in Melbourne promoted by Empowernet. I have not signed up for anything despite being hounded by Empowernet. I googled to try...

Adam Ginsberg International / tricked people to sign up

Oct 15, 2011

On July 9, 2010, I was present at a commercial training at Los Angeles airport, when Adam Ginsberg appeared as a guest speaker. He promoted a new web-based application called Speedlings. He gave a demo by registering a new domain, then built a new web site, then did some manipulations to...