Acuvue / oasys hydraclear-plus

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24Aug2018. New lens out of packaging, was misshaped (not a bowl like shape) I put a lens in my left eye, and it didn't feel quite right, I wore the lens approximately 7 hours, the lens was mis-aligned, was dry and 'scratchy'. After removing the lens, my L eye hurt, and was painful especially when I blinked. I had a yellow sticky discharge on the evening of 24Aug2018, which disappeared within one day. The eye pain lasted to 28Aug2018 (without further discharge).
I'm wondering if that lens had a small tear. I still have the lens, if you would like for me to send it back.
Lot B00PW4009X
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Aug 29, 2018
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      Sep 10, 2019

    I have been battling eye problems since last March. I went to my primary doctor and an eye doctor, along with contacting Johnso and Johnson and Alcon...the makers of Clearcare Plus.. I’ve inserted eye antibiotics, antihistamines, steroid eye drops, wetting drops, and oral antihistamine, to help, along with going weeks without my contacts for weeks. This is September and I’m still have problems wearing my contacts. Johnson and Johnson informed me that accuvue oasis and clear care plus interact and have caused patient’s eye irritation. I feel they, Johnson and Johnson, along with Alcon, should have contacted the patients/consumer, or at least put warnings on the boxes if each product. I’ve gone through hell with my eyes itching, red, and painful, with vision changes.

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