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Matchmaking is ridiculous and having people from Guatamala and other countries on US servers sucks..they all have 200 plus kills per minute and its due to lag and I both know this and its sad...also, there are so many hackers playing all your games its ridiculous...seems you sell the hacks before the games even come out...what gives...will you ever give good people an honest game we can play with good honest players...See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Lawrenceville, GAor are all your games just #### and loaded with hackers and your okay with it...if its about money then you can count me and several others out from now on...every game you have made has had hacks put out before the game goes public...makes me wonder if its you putting out the hacks for more cash I have seen so many vac ban players playing your games that its not fun anymore...please I beg something about put out excellent games and I enjoy playing them...for a second or 2 anyway

Jan 26, 2017
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  • La
      Jul 27, 2017

    Did they ever reply to your complaint or am I wasting my time making one?

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