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Activision / disgusting server problems

1 Gloucester, England, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom Review updated:

I want to make a complaint towards activision and/or treyarch for absolutely disgusting server performance on the PS3 / call of duty 5 world at war.
I'm about to make a petition with over 100 ready to sign but I dont see why I hsould waste my time. The game used to be enjoyable but now I cannot connect with 2 of my friends but can connect to many others. He cannot even hear me in the lobby. Then when we are in the same lobby, I join a game and he his booted everytime.

I have been playing a while and just recently have been losing every single game and Im usually a 1.06 KILL/DEATH ratio. My connection bar shows 3 usually but I am still shot with what looks like 1 bullet from the enemy, proving that they are seeing me a long itme before I see them and therefore killing me. I am an IT manager and have tried absolutely everything. My network is fine, it is 100% at the serverside, its pathetic, have they patched the game so that my connection looks high but in actual fact it isnt? Are they disguising the fact that the servers are so poor but dont want us to know?

Are certain countries taking up the bandwith or do certain areasd have priority? Either way, I am a patient person and have waited for a decent game, 10 hours of play later and it is still the same. Doesnt matter what rank they are either, even poor players are seeing me before I get to see them, the lag is atrocious and characters are jerking all over the place.

I hope you fix this rubbish before people boycott this game, especially as moder warfare 2 is coming out. Im glad they rant using your crap servers, you are obviously a bit daft not to fix this ready for map pack 4.

Trey arch SORT this crap out, get onto activisions idiot IT team and kick them in the face and get this problem SOLVED.

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  • Mu
      25th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    i have just received a 2 day ban and all my progress reset on black ops for the xbox 360 for being in a game that another player had hacked so it ranked people up quicker, i dont have a choice in which lobby i am put into so how can treyarch do this to me as i am not the person that hacked the lobby, also i have gone to my recent play list and found the idiot who done this and he has had nothing done to him, i spent 6 days of ingame play to get to my pretige 4 rank 32 and now its all gone he had spent 1 day and a few hours and hacked to 15th prestige and is still playing, where is the justice in this.

  • Wi
      8th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    i think the new map pack "first strike" for black ops should be relesed for the wii. its not fair that all the other consolse get them.

  • Ni
      19th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    do not contact this JD he is a idiot who sends stupid childish replies and he as hacked my playstation account, all my messages now come via him. i do not believe treyarch would employ a complete w_____ like him.

  • Sc
      26th of May, 2011
    +1 Votes

    call of duty black ops is seriousy an absolutely terrible game treyarch have embaraced themselves for distributing such a horrible creation they should be banne from making games for the next 30 years

  • Iw
      11th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    dear treyarch

    i would appreciate it if you could make a new update making the L96A1 sniper stronger then how youve created it. Im tired of getting hitmarkers on enemies with a sniper, if this game was realistic like it was advertised then it would be instant death, i find it hard to believe a [censored]ing knife or tomahawk to the foot can kill someone when a sniper rifle barely effects them and also make killcams more accurate because they do not know what has actualy happend 90% of the time, its ridiculous how when i know i knifed someone, but i die anyway and watch the killcam and it shows that i didnt do [censored] all, its the most irritting thing possible, thanks for listening, hopefully you will take my advice ps: i know alot of people that have quit plying call of dutys in general because of the ### sniper strength and because you do not have an online independent host server. :)

  • Al
      5th of Aug, 2013
    0 Votes

    Dear Treyarch,

    It has come to my attention that the pistols on Black Ops 2 are to over powered. I am saying this because I was using the Chicom CQB
    on Nuke town 2025 and i was on a merciless then a p***k comes around the corner with a Kap-40. Later on in that match another person runs through the map with a B23R and kills me when I sprayed him and i hit every bullet I fired. So i want you to Buff the sub machine guns and nurse the pistols to make the game play more realistic

  • Wi
      6th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    i am complainting toward wiiu with no new Dlcs. treyarc never give wiiu new dlcs on call of duty black ops 2 zombies . they only give every other system some tho

  • Wi
      6th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    if they dont give wiiu any new dlcs ima tell everybody dont buy call of duty ghost or black ops 2

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