Active.comfraudulent yearly auto-billings for a bogus membership

Review updated:

If any of you booked a 5k or other race through, they are despicable crooks. Check your credit card statements, because they have a sneaky registration system that uses a vague technique to rope you unknowingly into a bogus 30-day trial membership to Active Advantage, at which point you will be auto-billed $69.95 every year until you just happen to notice a charge four years later and realize what's been going on. I get all sorts of spam e-mails from Active Advantage, so, of course, I never read them or sent them to my spam folder. I spoke to a manager, who was only willing to refund the 2017 billing. I see that they are scamming everyone with this, and their rating with BBB is an F-. I have found at least three class-action lawsuits that they settled with California, Iowa, and Vermont on this very issue. I don't understand how they are continuing to get away with this. PISSED. #fraudalert #fraudsters #awfulcompanypractices #thieves #refundmyhardearnedmoneythatyoustole

Jan 22, 2018
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