This company fraudulently took money from my bank acount using my credit card information. Unlike some of the other reports, I have not signed up for any free trials or anything else on-line. This company is known by financial institutions as an actively fraudulent company. Their game is that they have stolen credit/debit cards and they periodically hit these accounts in small odd amounts (i.e. $59.99; $64.99 etc.) amounts that typically go unnoticed by the consumer.

You don't have to sign up for a "free trial" of anything. That's just one of their many excuses for faudulent charges once they get caught.

Once they have your credit card, they ping your account for cash as long as they get away with it. Some consumers have been hit repeatedly for years. If/when the consumer complains, they simply offer the refund and move on to the next one and the process starts all over. If you do get hit, you have to go back over your account for several years back because you will likely have a pattern of hits over many years. DO NOT attempt to resolve this directly with ACT* Go back through your financial institution for resolution through their fraud department.

If you call the phone number [protected], they will immediately ask you for your credit card number. Don't give them any information. Immediately contact your financial institution for safe resolution.

Feb 16, 2015

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