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I have had the same experiences with acs as many of you. My loan has just changed hands from a local company to this acs - education. Not only am i having the same problem wherein i made payments to my prior loan company that acs does not show, but now current payments i make to acs don't even show on my account! I guess you need to make your payment a full week or two early to avoid late charges.

Their customer service is horrible. I called to express concern over my payments not showing, and they would not answer a single question. They wouldn't even give me a guarantee that i would not be charged late fees due this situation being out of my control (Like i wanted to have my loan switched to acs and without my knowledge) .

If this continues i will be filing complaints thru any avenue possible. . . Bba, district attorney, ftc, anyone who will listen to me. I'm sure they will be better listeners than this sh** a** company. . .

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      Apr 08, 2010

    ACS is a scam syndicate and a disorganized institution of harassers. I'm a victim of IDENTITY THEFT that actually took place through a different bank via the internet four years ago. ACS bought that loan from the bank a year and a half ago, and have been sending me bills every since. As of today, I've had to request my THIRD fraudulent loan affidavit form to prove I do NOT owe them any money, and ACS claims the first form I filled out never made it back to them. The second form I requested (after finding out MONTHS after sending the first affidavit back to them) was never sent it to me! It's like they don't want to admit they bought a loan from a bank that was stupid enough to give away money to any 'ol crook with a stolen SSN and the dexterity in their hands to click on an "I agree that I am who I claim to be" e-signiture button on their online master promissory note web page. So I get the feeling I'll never see this third affidavit form I requested because ACS doesn't want to deal with it, and this identity theft will NEVER be solved. Hell, the original culprit will probably get away with the whole thing even if I do prove my case. Meanwhile, these ACS loan sharks will continue to harass me for the money that I don't owe, all because they're is too ###ed or purposefully trying to lose paperwork... especially their affidavit forms that could make them forfeit their precious interest! I'm refuse to pay for a loan I never took out. But at the same time, I'm tired of this run-around.

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  • Ti
      Aug 15, 2011
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    This is by far the most god awful company in the world. I was to receive my 1098 for taxes in january but never received it. Called the company in june and was told that it would be sent out in 7 to 10 days, it is now the middle of august and still have not received it. I made a total of 3 call to have my tax form sent to no avail. I then got in contact with a supervisor named navia who assured me that it was being sent out. She gave me her phone number so that i could call her back to verify that my statementy was sent. I called her a total of 10 times over the next two weeks leaving my name and number each time and she never once bothered to call me back. This company is a disgrace. My original lender was wonderful but acs took over my loan in 2017. You people should be ashamed.

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