Acronis True Imagewarning: acronis destroyed my computer

I restored my desktop to a previous date using Acronis True Image. “Restore was Successful “ appeared after several hours; however Windows 10 did not boot up and the following message appeared each and every time:

NTLDR is missing,
Press Alt-Ctrl-Del to Restart.

I inserted the Acronis Emergency Boot disk, Windows Repair disc, and even a self-boot Windows 10 image hoping to hit Repair when it boot up, but the PC did not boot up normally.

As instructed by Acronis and Microsoft Tech Support, I changed the BIOS to boot from the CD Ram (more than 100 times) and the program did save the changes. Acronis Tech Support in tried to help me in various occasions unsuccessfully.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Burlington, MAAfter many days wasting precious time, a manager at Acronis in India said that probably there is a problem with the hardware. This is absurd because when I replace the bad hard drive with an old one running Windows XT, the computer runs fine. Obviously there is a bug in the program because the message “Restore was Successful” should not appear when errors exist.
I offered to send them the actual hard drive so that their technicians can figure out what is wrong with the program, develop a correction and create a patch or update- they did not care.
Acronis does not stand behind the software – you are own your own when Acronis fails to perform – obviously there is an error in the restore program

May 14, 2017

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