AchieveCard / stole my money

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I activated my mastercard and went to walmart and had 30$ put on it. Get it home and they say it isnt active. And cannot be activated. They said they had to send me a replacement card. Which I recieved about a week later. Went ahead and activated the visa. I have been trying to reach these people for over three weeks. I was told by them that transfering the funds from one card to another wouldnt be a problem at all. Its been almost a month I still am unable to reach a person. I had to activate the VISA online. I am unemployed at the presnt with a family just like everyone else. I need my money back. Wgere is it? why am I unable to reach a person? why cant anyone do anytjhing about it? Am I just out the money. I have a reciept stating the card was loaded.

Feb 26, 2014

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