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acer aspire one computer company / crooks that won,t help you

1 Longview, WA, United States

every time you try to contact acer computer company you get no where ! they pass the buck on even the simple things like a key replacement and want to sell you a hole computer or key board ! they never pick up the phone ! all you get is recored bull ###! this company wants to take your money then say good by and don, t come back and if you do bring a 150 dollors to fix any thing ! is what they told me and did not even wait for me to tell them the hole problem too start with . just washed me out like i was in a drain some place ! WHY ARE THEY SO MEAN FOR ? YOU PAY THERE WAGES AND MAKE THEM RICH AND WHEN YOU ASK FOR A LITTLE THING THEY GET ALL PISSED OFF ?????why are they doing this ????? all i wanted was a key for the pg dn end button or bracket ? a little thing that would not kill them or make there CEO, S go bankrupet ! greed . GOD I HOPE YOU REMEMBER THEM ON THERE DAY BEFORE YOU ! why do companys do such things ????? i just can, t get it ? why do they want to stip on every ones head ? a simple little plastic holder to hold a key on the key board ? and thhey wanted me too send it in and replace evry thing and for 150 dollors ? it, s twoo years old and still runs like a dream .when it comes to next time to buy a computer . please read this and know what there really like, ok CROOOOOOOKS !!! LIER, S !!! ALL I NEED WAS A LITTLE HOLDER AND IT COME DOWN TO THIS ! I, LL USE IT TILL IT, S TIME I THINK TO THROW IT AWAY AND I MEAN THROW IT AWAY IN PEASES AND NEVER BUY FROM THE ###, S AT ACER COMPUTER STORE EVER AGAIN . SO HELP ME GOD .THERE ### HOLES ! FROM MR.WESLEY L. ALLEY SR. AND I DON, T CARE WHAT YOU THINK OR YOUR ### HOLE LAWYERS !!

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