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Acer Aspire / Awful experience

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I own around 10 laptops for my business of various makes and have used various makes of laptops over the years such as Hp, fujitsu, Asus, compaq, dell and going back to the IBM thinkpads many years ago and i have not had many problems with any of them. This is the first and LAST ACER, I have to say this is the poorest quality one i have ever had in the 10 or so years i have owned laptops it feels cheap, looks cheap and yes it was cheap lesson learned i will spend a few more quid next time. It developed a fault with the screen after only 4 months the screen developed lines down it, its hardly used this one because its quite slow. Phoned ACER first question they asked was had i paid for extra warranty when i told them no they informed me it was down to it being dropped or something being put on top of it or i must have left a pen on the keyboard, which is not what happened the lines just appeared as someone was working on it and got worse. They said i could send it back and they would charge me £41 to collect it and around £200 to repair it the thing only cost me £250. If you want cheap and cheerful then this is the one. But when it fails beware of the warranty it is not worth anything and the customer service staff are extremely arrogant. Out of all the laptops i have had and used ASUS are the best my current one A6000 i have had for nearly 2 years its traveled all over the world with me, had a problem with the keyboard recently, they came collected and i had it back within 5 days thats what you call service.


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  6th of Jul, 2009
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my accer is being attcacked by hp and microsoft reducing the vista register.
from home premium to home basic.
they use the same system the Seattle police department uses for there cars it's listed in you browser as hp setup and microsoft uses the ultimate download that does not star effect until your computer restarts the next day. they eat like a digitial cookie monster, and may have destroyed many laptop computers, including mac's the usa should provide protection for consumers against the mad men at microsoft.
rod lewis 2009
  24th of Aug, 2009
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I bought an acer aspire less then 6 months ago, the battery started getting hot and i would have to shut it down so it would cool. The battery would get hot within 2 hours of turning it on, and never would show 100% charged. While using it one day I started smelling burning wire smell and immediatly shut it down, when I picked it up it shocked my left hand, thats when I noticed that the plastic cover on the battery was cracked on the left side. When I turned it on the next day my screen was a split screen, a computer tech I know told me the crack was from the battery over heating and that I had a bad battery, the split screen was also caused by the battery over heating, he said the left side is where the graphics card is located. This person is also an acer dealer, he said my warranty should cover it. I tried to go online to acers online service, and the web site does not work, I called the service line, only to be told it was my fault the battery was bad, and I would have to pay $190.00 to fix it, the warranty does not cover damages that are my fault. This jerk told me I over charged the battery, bull crap, I never charged it for more then 8 hrs. Acer company is crooked, I guess you get what you pay for.
  9th of Nov, 2009
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I hate my Acer Aspire laptop and their customer service is crappy when is there is some. My computer stopped working about 7 months after I bought it, and have been fighting with them ever since to fix. I bought my piece of ### from Best Buy and all they keep telling me is that they can do nothing for me until the warranty is up on this piece of ### computer before their extra warranty that I bought from them will kick in. So now my laptop is being returned to me from Acer because of all the hasle I told them to send it back to me, so now Best Buy can deal with it, and they had better do something for me.
  12th of Mar, 2010
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Acer Aspire - Cracked hinges disable LCD screen
United States

This computer, despite gentle use, split across the left hand hinge... This caused the screen to torque, so that it now appears white... I was horrified to find, when I googled for a solution, that very very many people have experienced the identical problem. Why has Acer not recalled these machines or at least offered some assistance?

They even have the unmitigated gall to CHARGE 60 dollars just to report the problem to them. They suggested I could have used a web enabled chat system (India most likely!) but how, when the damned screen is blank one wonders???

Please, will some legal eagle contemplate a class action - there seem to be hundreds of victims of this company's shoddy manufacturing?
  13th of Sep, 2010
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I bought Acer Aspire 4520 2years back. In between I faced many problems. It hangs up during the boot up screen, when i gave it to the service centre, they charged me Rs.3000 and said that they have changed graphic card and they told that it is temprory solution and will not last for a long time. Hinges of this laptop is also very weak, it got broke up recently
  18th of May, 2011
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Acer Aspire - Horrible support
United States

I purchased an Acer Aspire M5201 desktop and used it for a bit over a year and had hard drive failure out of warranty. Contacted Acer tech support once new hard drive installed because restore disks were Vista 32 bit and the system came with Vista 64 bit installed to access all the memory. Explained to them that system came with 64 bit per-installed which they said could not be (my receipt shows 64 bit), they escalated to level 2 and they said I need to buy the 64 bit disks! ACER IS A RIPOFF! Buy from a reputable company that backs their product.
  28th of Sep, 2012
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Acer Aspire - it was a new item so i was told
Las Vegas
United States
Phone: 702-459-2000

i went to your store at 5051 east bonanza andbought my wife a nootbook acer aspire
for our 27th annavirsy be for i could give it to her a had a hartattack and forgot about it till july i then took my wife out for dinner and gave her the nootbook i bought for $469.99 she was so happy becase she nad been wanting one for a long time we turned it on i told her we would make thr recovery disks first then she could start useing it but it came up wanting a pass word to contunewe never could get past that point took it back to your kamart store lust wanted to exchange it fir one that had not been used before and i even to pay extra for a better one if thay did not have the same one instock i was told i was 1 day over the 30 day exchange so thay would not make it right thay did not care i had been in the hospital fighting for my life and told me it was my problem now and get out of there store i will not ever shop at kmart or sears ever agine un less this is taken care of myname is jerry cragun can be reched at 702-419-3224 and i am in the market for a secend 40 inch tv like the one i got at the same time i got the notebook now i gess i will have to buy at wall mart for now on and i will tell all my friends how your store scrowed me over an dnot to shop at your stores becase the customer dose not come first i fell that your coustumer service sucks

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