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Ace2three.com / disconnecting the game thereby making loose the game

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i was playing rummy game conducted by the site. the game is 201 pool and bet is Rs.25/-. when my score is 63 i was disconnected during a game and my game count was taken as wrong show, even though my count was 2 in that game. so my score increased to 143 with out any fault. i checked my internet connectin and it was working fine. but this game is not opening. this had happend twice to me earlier. this site appears to be a big fraud and looting money from public. i request public not to loose money by paying to this site.


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  16th of Apr, 2011
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its a very fraud game .
when u wil go for play u wil loos the first transaction amount
then by curiosity u wil agin go for transaction the amount for replay. Its a very very fraud game . Dnt adict to it.
Really hapens to a lot of my friends .They loos upto 50k .
  5th of Feb, 2012
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Yes above all the comments are true.
  14th of Nov, 2012
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Yes.this is full of fraud, friends dont invest on this site, if u much interested on this, play chips are available, login to tournaments and win real chips,
  30th of Aug, 2011
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Yah This is cheating game when we win one time lost several times don't play this game
  31st of Jul, 2011
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yes it s a cheating website
they are having clever algorithm to make a person win and laugh
  31st of Jul, 2011
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Yes i fully agree

they are having a clever algorithm to make a person win and lose
i lost around 30k..whenver you add cash some opponent does deal show without giving you chance..he is human only but he gets cards like that if u add cash continuously.
  14th of May, 2011
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some times they are cheating with player when we are in ply they automatically disconect our conection with ace2 three two times i'll complaint but no responce from the comitty
  26th of Feb, 2012
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i agree with all
  22nd of Mar, 2012
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dont play at ace2three.com, the customer service sucks, their flash client (installed on your laptop/desktop) has bugs, I have complained about it to them couple of time but they never care. They will

tell you their server diagnostics which will always say that you did not play in time.

And also i doubt if all the players are for real or some of them are auto bots.

you can never win money from this site

(see the attached screenshot, i was discarding the card and it wantedly dropped me out of the game, you can see the discard button on the screen)
  3rd of Sep, 2012
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Well, I have won and also lost many times. You are an Idiot if you have lost 10 lakhs. Is there any Idiot in this universe who have invested 10 lakhs on a online gaming site? Or you could be one of those online rummy competitors who want play some foul tricks by degrading them here
  24th of Oct, 2012
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yes this is fraud game small bet games will be don't happen but high bet games will be playing in company persons that's why every time we have lose the game actually this is a pesimist game .
Obsere one u lose one game two games will be win u cash will be same position company is benfited but we are not gain the money

actually i lose around 25000/- iam student this is cheat game
  5th of Jan, 2013
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Why still this web site is running? because of advertisements so many people are affecting and loosing the money.. is there any complain board to take an necessary action?
  5th of Jan, 2013
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This website also displaying the same advertisement. it should be avoid those cheating company's advertisements. please be as a social responsibility for society
  22nd of Sep, 2011
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I have found this as a fraud game as per many users comment .. But to be honest my dad is playing for last 6 mnths and he has redeemed upt0 30k and invested upto a maximum of 7 or 8k only .. so only I couldnt believe watz d pblm is .. Anyway my advice is to avoid this game since majority of people lost only ..
  4th of Sep, 2011
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i have noticed some of the players in every game will drop when my game is good and they will win on the first card when my game is bad. Its a total fraud. They are monitoring every game.
Its better to play with play chips and don't go for real chips. I have not lost much in this but please advice others not to bet money on this,
  26th of Oct, 2011
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thiss site is 10000 parsent scam
  21st of Jan, 2012
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yes this ace2three is a fraud site.they cheat people and grab money from them by monitoring our game their own company people will only play, and always they only will win and cheat others. Don't play in that and loose your money simply.This government will won't take any action regarding this.Because the site owner has high influence in government. Playing cards is illegal in India, Police will catch the people who play cards and send them to court but playing in this is not illegal what a pity.friends who have to take it seriously and post comments like this.Not only this we have to mail to Presidents Office, Prime ministers Office and C.M Office.We have to send more mails then only they will respond, youth is spoiling very much by this.
  11th of May, 2012
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Ace 2 three is a fraud game if u invest 100/- and play the game your 100/- will be taken by them @ 17-20/- per game ie.., in 5-6 games your amount of 100/- will be with them dont play ...you will only lose there are no success persons who got money in ace 2 three
  12th of Aug, 2012
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it is true i lost around 1000000 lakes please take some action on this site otherwise the owner will become milliner
  29th of Aug, 2012
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yes this is totally fraud game

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