Ace Hardwarereturn policy

My first time shopping at an Ace Hardware store and will be my last time. I was not made aware of their return policy. I needed an adjustable wrench. A lady helped me and I said to her it looks too small and I needed something bigger. 12 inches was the biggest one they had. She told me I can buy it and if it's too small then I can return it. I did as she said. It ended up being too small so I took it back to return. The guy that helped me said I cannot return them but can only exchange for other tools only. I said to the guy that I was specifically told I can return it since I was skeptical of the size. He said rules are rules and I can only exchange it for other tools. I told him I don't need other tools at the moment and he said to keep the items and the receipt and when I need other tools then I can come back and exchange it. This is $60 down the drain. Now I am stuck with the items I do not need until I need any other tools and I can go exchange it. I have not seen or heard of a return policy like this before. Not even a store credit or store gift card can be given to me. All Ace Hardware employees should make all their customers aware of their stupid return policy!! And employees should not lie to their customers to push them to buy the item and lie that they can return it if it is not the right one.

Apr 29, 2017

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