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Ace Hardware online store lacks adequate organization and follow-up customer service. I order a product to be shipped to a local Ace Hardware store. The product arrived within three days but was short two items of the sixteen I ordered. The incomplete order was reported to me by the local retailer. The trouble started when I tried to get the remaining two items in my order. I was told by the "customer service" person on the phone that the issue had been referred to corporate for further research. Ace Hardware could have simply called the store they shipped it to and confirmed the incomplete order. Instead, though, they treat the issue as though I am the one claiming they failed to fill the order. They have so far refused to call their own store and find out what was shipped. To date I haven't picked up the incomplete order. There is a complete disconnect from the people who field the phone calls and the people who fill the orders and make sure everything is done right. I'll never order from the Ace Hardware online site again.

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      Apr 11, 2009

    We had gone into Ace Hardware not once but twice to get a couple bags of Traeger pellets for a grill.and twice they said they didn't have any in order. What they didn't do is say...we will try and order it for you. They didn't go out of their way to gain a customer. They told us to go on line to order it and when we did...we couldn't find any information from Ace.
    Guess what we did next?
    We went to another store! And found what we were looking for. Will we go back to Ace? HHHMMMMMMMMMMMM let's see now!

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      Mar 02, 2011

    I wonder if anyone else has had the same uncomfortable experience I have had while shopping at my local Ace Hardware. The staff there seems very paranoid and aggressive and treats every customer as if that person was stuffing stolen merchandise into their pockets while staff's back is turned. I want to be treated like a customer and not as a rip-off artist. I am so tired of it I wrote the company today. Anybody else had similar treatment fromthem?

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      Oct 18, 2015

    I buy at ace hardware Valenzuela, the cashier was very slow. Then I asked a promodiser if that cashier is a trainee, He said, the cashier is a regular. Then I decide to walk out the line and not to buy that item, coz i waste such of my time waiting to be transac by that cashier, then I ask again the promodiser if that cashier is always doing that kind of slow transaction, why you guys tolerate your staff like that, as far as I know the name of that cashier is Len, please fix it up as fast as you can.

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      Feb 26, 2016

    Location in Greensboro Nc, at Randleman rd and Vandalia Rd. The workers are very unfriendly and not helpful at all. This has been the case on several visits.

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