Ace Hardware / ace hardware won't honor rebate advertised

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At a price $47.99 for Scotts fertilizer Ace was the highest price in town. But advertised as $37.99 after a $10.00 rebate it was the best price in town, and so I purchased 3 bags. <br />
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As required I filled out a rebate form very carefully, paying attention to enter correct UPC code, the brand name, and number of bags, etc. Having purchased three (3) bags with a $10.00 rebate per bag I was entitled to a rebate of $30.00 total. And I made a digital copy of the form.<br />
<br />
However, Ace wouldn't honor that. They sent a rebate check of only $10.00. I've been haggling with them over the web for 3 weeks now. I've had 3 different people email me the rebate would be sent to me. NO check. All I get is lame excuses and their website indicating "scheduled for final processing" but nothing happens. They just emailed me a new tracking number in which I cut/pasted it directly from the email and there is no such tracking number on their system.<br />
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I'm just getting jerked around by their corporate office.<br />
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Ace Hardware rebates are a ripoff.

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  • Ho
      Jun 17, 2010

    I filed a rebate online. It showed the rebate without me having to enter anything along with the sku. I got a postcard saying it was invalid because the sku number was not found. I would have probably thrown it out thinking it was junk mail except for the fact that an employee at ACE said to look out for a post card because most people complain that they never receive the rebates. I called and they asked me to give them the sku from the receipt and said something about that they didn't scan the card properly when I bought it... which makes no sense since the number is on the receipt and the rebate was in their system. He said the rebate is now valid and they're processing it. Something is definitely broken here or they are trying to scam people into not receiving these rebates.

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  • An
      Jan 13, 2012
    Ace Hardware - false online advertizing
    Ace Hardware / AG LOCK
    347 Knickerbocker Ave
    New York
    United States
    Phone: Tel: +[protected] 4, 205 seller ratings New No tax + Free shipping $19.79 $19.79
    Homebasix FWB-27X64 - 27"Wx64"H Faux Wood Blinds Wht
    When I placed my order i was going to be charged shipping. I contacted the company by email asking if I needed a code or something to deduct the shipping. Ace Hardware replied back, said It seems there is some technical issues with google as this item does not qualify for the Free shipping. I requested the free shipping should be be honored. Ace Hardware replied back, We sincerely apologize for the wrong advertising on Google, but unfortunately we cannot offer Free shipping on this item. Makes me made that I had to enter all my information and see Ooops, by the way shipping will be $100! Hello!

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