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My home was destroyed by hurricane Irma in sept i have been back and forth with fema to help me well i finally get my help so i decide to purchase an accountnow prepaid card to keep from giving out my personal business well guess what i was wrong after calling because i couldnt access my money and was lied to by telemarketers that now your account is ready to go after 24 hours of calling and going online i was told because of the amount i would need to fax or upload my driver license and social security card which i didnt feel good about being its a prepaid company so i drove to another town faxed them in and was told they were not received then after several calls was told to remove the first 3 numbers of my acct # to be able to upload my documents well finally after 48 hours they tell me my documents were received but now it takes up to 72 hours to REVIEW my documents i ask to speak to a supervisor and have been told continuously that they are not receiving phone calls are you kidding me
this is ridculous and inconvenience all because these people are not trained properly i should not have to wait on my money any longer i am not applying for a job i want my money NOW !!! I will be calling the BBB and anyone else concerning this matter.

Nov 17, 2017

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