Acai Berry Detoxfraud... scam... fraud... scam...

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This is a great scam. Perhaps we should email oprah and dr. Oz with our compaints of fraud. I, and many others online, ordered the acai berry detox and fell for the "free trial offer". Just pay a $.99 s/h fee. I used my credit card. I was alerted to fraud as soon as "michele" told me I would be billed $87.13 for the cleanse. She told me the conversation was being recorded, so I informed her I did not want the addition charge. Cancel my order. I don't want any of it. It is impossible to cancle the order. This was 6/23/09. On 7/7/09 I am billed to my credit card $87.13. I have made over 30 calls to the numbers provided on my statement. They keep you on hold a minimum of 20 minutes. I can't get an account number from them, nor a addition, I have not recieved any additional product. Or is it I just paid for the product twice???
Contact your local b. B. B. And consumer protection agencys in your areas.
These people need to be closed down. Fraud division on your credit card and debit cards, can also help us get our money from these rip off agents.. Effie weddle


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      Sep 23, 2009

    i work for the company that verified your order of several products . we were told to never ansewer any questions about shipping handling or billing, we would refer client to the appointed customer service numberfor what ever product they ordered. we called and recieved inbound callstoget people to purchase an up-sell product at a amount charged to their credit card that day.many people are impulse buyers and have selective hearing to a quick sale and do not listen to everything said to them, or do not read the fine print on an todays economy i need a job to pay my bills and feed my family.If people out there are so anxious to spend thier money on these vices, so listen and read sales adds.buyer beware be informed, nothing in life is free.get your children off the internet with access to your credit cards.look into your elderly family member'spuchases on line and on the phones if you get so upset over expenses, wrong billing to you, talk about the pitfalls before you fall in.

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