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Fort Smith, AR, United States
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I ordered a treadmill from Academy online. During the purchase, I received free shipping and all seemed well. My treadmill arrived in a timely manner however, the delivery driver wouldn't bring it up to my apartment unless I assisted him. What was going to happen had I refused to move a 150+ lb treadmill up two flights of stairs because the delivery company planned poorly. I brought this up to a customer service rep via the 800 number. The woman told me that wasn't academy's fault because they contract out delivery. After repeated attempts online and via 800 number, I found out that Academy contracts out to Ceva, who then contracted out to a local delivery place. Where's the accountability and standards? I got told, your email will be forwarded and we will look into it. Well, moving on, I open the requires two people to put together. I wasn't aware of that when Academy offered Assembly assistance. So I asked about that, another $82. Since the delivery to my parking lot wasn't up to my satisfaction Academy said they'd split half of the cost for assembly before tax, so $37.50, or I could return the product for a full refund. Really? Why not pay for the assembly in full? You'd rather lose $500 and a customer vs paying for assembly and putting up information on your website to inform customers why delivery is free? This is the worst experience. I'm staring at a box with a treadmill I cannot afford to put together, but oh, yes, I was offered a 20% off future purchases promo code. I mean really????

Jan 25, 2017

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