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Abercrombie & Fitch hired by 19 year old son in Erie, PA at the Millcreek Mall. He clearly told the managers PRIOR to his hiring of his AVAILABILITY. He works 8 hours per week at a restaurant and told them verbally and in the computer system-in writing that he could not work on Thursdays and Saturdays due to his commitment to his existing job. Manager, Megan, would schedule him regardless and then insist he had to find his replacement. She told him to get the list of employees and find a replacement. I was quite surprised that a manager would be allowed to release an entire list of phone numbers of every employee in her store to a new employee. I am a professional and work for a professional organization. We would NEVER be allowed to release our employee home and cell numbers to other employees.
The repeated offense of continuing to schedule him only on Thursday and Saturday, and then to terminate his employment for not being able to work on those assigned days, is just a egregious abuse of professional behavior and demonstrates a disregard for fair hiring and HR scheduling practices. The manager Megan was consistently unprofessional in her actions and her words when dealing with my son and the scheduling issues. She lied and said she didn't know about the unavailable days. Why ask employee's what their available hours are if you are not going to honor them? My son was hired based on the a clear understanding that that he was committed to keeping the 5 hour shift on Thursdays and Saturdays to his restaurant job. Why would she continue to schedule him ONLY on his unavailable days? I am appalled by this type of poor management and the sad example she portrays to young, impressionable student employees. Unfortunately we live in a state that does not require cause for termination, therefore there really is not any recourse. I don't think Megan the Erie store manager understands her responsibility. She is hiring young college students who rely on part time employment in order to pay tuition, etc. She does not show respect or value to the HUMAN RESOURCES she is responsible for. After Megan's verbally abusive phone call to my son last week telling him he had to find a replacement-he maintained his cool, was respectful, and reiterated to her that he contacted +20 "models" on the list of which none could work those Saturday hours. As parents, we told him he could not quit his job because of the "Megan situation". We told him he had to work through problems like this and not run from them. In life these are life lessons and moments when our kids learn you tough it out and work to a resolution. My statement to him is you will run into many inexperienced bosses like Megan, and that you have to work though it. Megan, proved her continued poor managerial skills, by not remedying the scheduling conflict and firing him instead.

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  • Go
      Nov 03, 2010

    Question.. Can you actually be terminated is a write up was not signed by the employee?

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  • Ra
      Mar 10, 2011

    i think so. and yes in my store they gave a copy of everyones numbers, i dont think it should be that way but thats how a&f works i guess and wow that manager really sucks

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