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4 unauthorized charges on my credit card. I have been out of town my best friend is dying of cancer, my other friend was just operated for breast cancer, my father just finished cancer treatment and my other friend my not see next christmas. I'm on a small disability pension please refund my charge card. I can't take the stress.
Account # [protected], name linda george.
$112.94 nov 7/16
$101.64 nov 9/16
$37.00 nov 19/16
$99.95 nov25/16 = $351.53us

All I did was get a free sample and I paid for shipping and handling. These other charges were not authorized by me. I heard them say that it's legal because it stated it in the terms and conditions but that is extremely misleading.

I can not afford these charges. How did they expect people to pay their bills? Please help me. I sure do not need this. Especially during the christmas holidays.

Thank you.

Dec 23, 2016
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  •   Dec 28, 2016

    I am also one of their victims. you need to call your bank and have your credit card cancelled, then have them send a new credit card to you. I also called Abella Mayfair and said I wanted a refund for the two creams I received, and that I would mail them back. They will not provide a full refund and will keep referring to the terms of use that I agreed to (We all did not agree to anything, its hidden in the small print). The only thing you can get back is $50 US refunded to your credit card, no matter how much you have already been billed. Good luck.

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