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I live in Campbell River, BC. I clicked on a Facebook ad on Oct 30, 2016 offering a free sample of the 90 second rapid wrinkle, with Angelina Jolie's photo. Just pay the shipping fee of $4.95. So I entered my information to the screen and tried to use a pay as you go credit card with $5 left on it. The screen said this kind of cc is not accepted. Suddenly my phone rings and the company called the number I put on the screen. They said I was on their website for the skincare and do I have another cc. So I gave them my m/c debit. The saleslady said did I want to get the Maximum Moisture also, for $3.95? I said yes. She did not describe the product line, or anything about the sample being a trial offer, or the funds being USD. Neither did the "order confirmation" sent to my email. It doesn't even say the company's name, just how to contact them.
When my 2 very small bottles came in the mail a few days later, they were in the same box, although I paid separate shipping charges. There was no invoice inside and the insert encouraged me to buy their products. 14 days later I had 2 charges of $111.94USD and $100.74USD. I called the number on the confirmation, which was different from the one on the website referenced on my bank statement. The website didn't even say Abella Mayfair was the product, only the details of the promotion I was seeing for the first time.
They said I agreed to the terms and conditions and I said I had not, as the person on the phone who took my cc did not ask me to agree to anything but a shipping fee. I said I can send them back unused and they said I could not after 14 days. So they offered a refund of $80(USD) and then said my "subscription" will be cancelled. I did not accept at first, wanting to know what the terms were, and was advised it was $89 for one bottle and $99 for the other. Reference #ECCD5F7AAA. I had assumed that the charge would be for the next month's bottles, however, was informed I was now paying for the product I already had. The additional 12% I was charged was for "sales tax", and to what government she did not specify. When I called again to dispute the charges I was told that my refund meant there was nothing she could do for me. My bank said they could not help either. If there is ever a group lawsuit in Canada, I authorize the complaints board to provide my information. Meanwhile, I will continue to voice my complaints.
I believe all charges are unauthorized except the shipping fees I agreed to on the phone, and it must be illegal not to identify your company.

  • Updated by Genevaberry, Dec 01, 2016 and is what showed up on my bank statement.

Dec 01, 2016
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  • Al
      Dec 09, 2016

    I live in the Comox Valley and the above scam happened to me as well!! I cannot believe this... Was asked to pay for shipping of $ 5.95. for free sample. I was a bit skeptical as when I purchased it took me through a whole bunch of pages with different offers, which I clicked NO. I was so shocked when my Credit Card bill arrived. 1 charge of $ 5.42, another one of $ 6.80, then another one of $ 155.04, and another of $ 138.64 and $ 119.04 on my next bill, that is still coming, also I have another charge on my bill, something that I did not order for the amount of $ 64.51. Capital One mentioned, that it might be from same company, just under different name. When I phoned Capital One to ask, whether they can stop payments on whatever is going on here, these are things I did not order. They were not able to help me, except issue me a new card and cancel the old one immediately... I have not had an income for 3.5 years. This is devastating to me. Contacted the company and of course they said I did not read the terms of condition. I was adamant, that the only thing I signed up for was the $ 5.95. I was told, that I had two weeks to return the product or cancel my order, which was a 0, 5 oz of some tiny tube and a 1 oz. cream. I cannot believe this is happening to me, and by the looks of it other people. The credit card company was not able to help me. and the company is impossible to deal with, well it's a scam.. Unbelievable!! I really cannot believe this has happened to me. where does one turn to to complain? The RCMP? How do we as consumers protect ourselves? I do remember the saying: LET THE BUYER BEWARE. I guess joke is on me this time around...UNBELIEVABLE!!!

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  • Li
      Jan 21, 2017

    I am in the same boat. Did the free trial of a 3.95 shipping for one and 4.95 for the other and now 2 charges to my visa for over a 100 on each. Great! So now I'm screwed. Still going to call my bank and make sure no more charges are put on my visa. Liz Baldwin Almonte, Ontario Canada

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  • Ma
      Jan 26, 2017

    same deal here too, cancelled credit card and informed not to pay any more charges, can not get a message to suppliers either. message board full. !!! will send message to face book to have them look at it, they are trying to offer quality on thier servers ???

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  • Al
      Jan 28, 2017

    @Marty Uitvlugt Try. [protected] This is the email address I used and got a result

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  • Al
      Jan 28, 2017

    I too was nearly scammed but fortunately saw these posts and others so I immediately sent them an email saying in no circumstances was I authorizing them to deduct payments from my credit card account, now or in the future and that I had a screen shot of everything and would send it to the credit card company to support a refund. They actually acknowledged and responded saying my automatic monthly renewal had been cancelled. News to me that I had one. Looks like I might have got off lightly compared to others. I think we have to pressure the credit card companies to not allow these scammers to use their retail services and that has to come from us their customers. My "free" product arrived yesterday. Look at the size of the box to the product. I'm not sure I even want to try it anymore, who knows what it might do to my skin. Good luck to everyone getting their money refunded. Share as much as you can in Facebook so others are not caught up in this.

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  • To
      Feb 18, 2017

    @Allie D04 Be careful...unless you return the sample shown here (which according to them, is not yours, its a free trial for 14 days) unopened you will still be billed the $99 USD which they claim is the cost for the sample. These people are CRIMINAL!

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  • Sa
      Feb 10, 2017

    Victoria BC - I have also fallen prey to this scam. I thought I had only requested the "free trial of the wrinkle control cream" but they sent skin cream along with it and even though they came together in one box I my credit card was debited with two separate changes. This was only the beginning of the nightmare. I emailed and said I did not order the cream and would like a refund on the shipping. I didn't hear back immediately but when I checked my credit card statement on Feb 6 I found I had been charged $134.22. I emailed and said that I was returning both items unopened and used. This was when I was told I was enrolled in their monthly renewal program and because the trial period was up I could no longer cancel the order and get a refund. I pointed out that as I had not used the items I had not participated in the trial. To no avail. I emailed them requesting a cancellation. On Feb 9 I got two of the following emails "Thank you for using Abella Mayfair products. This email is to inform you that your subscription status has been recently updated and any ongoing or all future charges have been cancelled as per your request" One order # was dated 6 February and the other February 8. Today I checked my MC statement to find another debit of $121.55 dated 8 February. My frantic emails today received the following response "You cancelled your subscription on 02/09/2017 and cancellation only applies to future charges/shipments." Not sure what my next step is but I hope this is a warning to others - I sure wish I had seen this site before I responded to their offer. It seems this is the way they make their money - not from their products.

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