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NOT SURE, Canada

I had seen a free trial offer to try their product. I paid the shipping like they asked. I waited 2 weeks checking the mail and waiting for the free samples and nothing came. Its now been over 2 months and still nothing so I told them to cancel it. I checked my credit card only to find out they charged me for some other products that did not show up either. They charged me around 150.00 for other things I never got either. I sent them a email and told them what happened and they did not reply back. I am only asking them to put back the money they took off my credit card. I cant afford this, I only wanted the free sample. I was hopping you could fix this mess. I wish you luck because they wont email me back. Thank-you terry 1 sad guy.

  • Updated by Terryll, Feb 01, 2017

    mad very mad

Feb 1, 2017

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