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products ordered on 2016 December 24. Charged 6.88 + 5.49 (2 separate shipments). Products not received. 2017 January 07 charged $122.35 + $135.96. Called Abella Mayfair on 2017 January 09. Cust Serv advised me the product had been delivered to my address (box #) on 2017 January 03. She advised me the $122.35 & $135.96 would be reversed. She sent me 2 Emails (have not seen them processed yet). On 2017 January 10 I checked with Canada Post - Nope not delivered. I called the company back. They said the product was held up at customs and they could not (would not??) reverse the shipping charges (6.88 + 5.49)…… Still don't know if they are processing the credit like they told me they would????? Not a happy camper. Was willing to give the product a try…. Take my advice …. Don't be mislead by this company.

Jan 10, 2017

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