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It wasn't until after I purchased these products that I did my research. It was my mistake for not doing it beforehand, but I would like to cancel my order since i do not want to get unknowingly charged for products that i thought were only a free trial. I am truly disappointed as a consumer. I have no doubt that your products work, but I do not want to purchase from a dishonest company. Secretly overcharging is not a small issue.

Jan 19, 2017
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  •   Jan 20, 2017

    So along with failing to research, you admit to not paying attention to what you were doing. Which means you missed the part about being charged after the free trial. I mean, heck they asked for your credit card number didn't they? It is not deceptive when it is in plain English and you fail to read it.

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  •   Jan 22, 2017

    @Wine Is Good I think it's much more complicated than that !! Most of us aren't i###ts who happily give out our credit card info. So we can receive random charges on our bill whenever ? Duh !
    When this happened to me, no one asked me directly - as a matter of fact? It assured me in writing that this was a safe site, and credit card was only needed for S/H !
    It would NOT be used without my permission ! Liars !
    While filling out the information for my free sample - they constantly badgered me to add on to my purchase ! Offering their different products - the longer I refused? The cheaper they offered the products !!! That should have tipped me off, 😖 - in the end, I had said no to everything including an offer to sign up for cheap for three months !
    So when my sample came, like 12-13 days AFTER I had ordered it? I read the included letter carefully. Yup there it was, " you MUST cancel within 2 weeks or you are locked into this contract with them, that you know nothing about! Hand on my heart, nothing was mentioned at all 🤔 And your product arrives a day or two before you have to cancel --- nifty eh ? So should you not be home? Or not have time to get to your mail for a day or two ? You are F...d !! Your two weeks are up buddy, and your credit card is gonna sing !😩😳 fraud, it's called, I believe ?
    Here is what got to me ! I DID cancel in time ( as soon as I got the product) I even got a response ( not relevant really to my cancellation ) - but to make SURE if I were to cancel? That I sent the sample back to them ? . What ?
    Yup !! So now I have to pay postage again? Send a product back I haven't had time to try yet ? And email for an address they'd like me to send this ? Oh, and to make sure, they indeed had cancelled " my account "??
    GREAT COMPany right?
    Oh but, they had already CHARGED my credit card $ 135 ?
    Because I guess according to their calculations? Two weeks are now up, so we are now in bed together I guess? Fu...them ! I'm so mad I'm shaking, I want to sue, I want them stopped and I want everyone to get their money back ! And the police to put these guys away ! So when guys like you? Make ignorant remarks like you did up above in regards to " giving out your credit card number " ? I just wanted you to know, we aren't all " stupid" 😡 These guys are pros - that's why they haven't been put away yet !! So you actually? Is the one who sounds stupid, for your total lack of insight and obvious experience in life !
    So, maybe best to just ...shut up ?

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  •   Jan 23, 2017

    You shut up. Every single offer that begins with FREE TRIAL and asks for your credit card is going to also have a box you have to uncheck or a blurb that says something along the lines of YOUR CARD WILL BE CHARGED XX ON XX DAY AFTER YOUR FREE TRIAL. IF YOU WISH TO CANCEL CALL JSDHF.KJASDKJFSDJK. Like I said, you failed to read.

    And your grammar is atrocious.

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