Abella Mayfairday & night cream & rapid wrinkle control.

I ordered a trial of these 2 items on Dec. 21st. 2016 for $8.90 us/$12.29 ca. They were shipped Dec. 23rd. I received them Jan 4th. I was charged $179.90 us/$258.72 Canadian on Jan.4th.

I tried it for 3 days & my face broke out in a red rash. I started phoning them on Jan. 9th 2017. Got thru on Jan. 13th.
I was hung up on the first call. When i tried phoning back i was put on hold for 10 min before i hung up & called back from a different #. This time they answered right away but transferred me to a line that disconnected me. It said the exchange did not exist. So i called again from a blocked # & got thru again. I was informed rudely that my account was cancelled & i would be credited $100.00 us. That i had no choice but to accept or i would get nothing. I offered to return the product but was told they did not want it. They said because I did not cancel before the end of the 14 day trial I couldn't get a full refund. When I said I didn't receive it till the 15th day, they said they were not responsible for mail delays.

I feel like a complete fool. I have been ripped off for $$158.can.

Jan 13, 2017

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