Abella Mayfair90 second wrinkle control

I ordered this as a free trial and only to pay shipping costs of 4.95
No where was there anything that indicated any agreement for continued shipment of the product or if I was not satisfied I was expected to return this tiny tube of product. Not only is the product completely useless, I got suspicious and sent an email in case saying i did not want any further shipments. I did receive confirmation no further orders will be sent but was told I had to return the product or be charged the full amount, however no where is there any info as to full coat of the product or I could keep for a "deep" discount of 39.95!!! No information was given as to how or where to return this item or who pays for return shipping on an unsatisfactory product.!! This is a complete scam and misleading marketing. I have read other complaints and am completely infuriated. I expect a satisfactory answer. I will also notify Facebook who posted the ad

Jan 28, 2017

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