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On 9 january 2018 I ordered a trial of this product. To get to the end of the order there were all of these other confusing steps you had to go through to finalise your order. I was bombarded with at least 20 other offers to get to the final screen to finalise the trial order. The order confirmation advised that I was to pay us$3.95 (deducted from my credit card).
On 23 january 2018 lookyounginstant. Cc usa deducted a further us$99.95 (aud$128.48) from my credit card without my conset. I contacted by bank and was advised that I had provided my credit card details to the organisation and that I had to contact them directly to try and sort this out. This is the way they catch you off guard and falsely charge you for something you never intended to pay for in the first place. That and all of the other offers that pop as you try to finalise your order.

On 19 march I contacted the support email and was advised that I had agreed to a monthly charge of us$99.95 and that I was charged this amount for the trial because I didn't opt out within 14 days. I advised the support that at no point had I agreed to this and it was fraudulent. After much back and forth it was agreed they would refund half the cost and credit my account with us$50. This never occurred. They are now providing me with the run around and some transaction id number which isn't relevant to anything.

They have not refunded my money. They are liars and it has been a waste of time even trying to get my money back.

This organisation is a sham and whatever you do - do not waste your money.

I'm reporting them to action fraud so that hopefully they are shutdown and other consumers do not go through the same pain!

If enough of consumers report them hopefully they will be shutdown.

Apr 04, 2018
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  • Al
      May 21, 2018

    Don't get involve in buying any of this Abella Mayfair product. They are scamming innocent consumer of their hard earn money.

    I had been scam by them and I had to cancel my credit card to stop them charging me further. Wrote to them and they promise to refund part of my money... never receives any refund or hear from them again.

    For those involve with this company cheating consumers, i hope and pray that you all will have a BAD KARMA.

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