ABC Cargocargo not delivered

Never go for abc cargo first of all there tracking system is so pathetic they themselves dont know where your luggage is lying they will tell you different cities name and then they will say they are not getting clearance in india
i booked my cargo from rak 3 boxes no ark-9531 on 10 november and till today i haven't received my luggage
when i went to rak office they told me we only take pick up and drop you can call to head office when i called head office first they told me that it is sent to delhi then sent to mumbai then to bangalore and now it is there pending for clearance another day i called one guy told me that it is cleared
then after two days when i again called the head office one lady anju she told me that that guy was new may be he told you wrongly it is still under customs pending for clearance

then when i went to police station to launch a compliant against them they told it is already cleared 4 days back it will be delivered withing three days
all these peoples will tell you is lies there is no tracking there is no communication with the customer

never use abc cargo fro sending the products

Dec 12, 2018

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