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Aamco Transmissions / violation of the motor vehicle repair act of colorado

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States Review updated:

March 10, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter concerning the less than acceptable treatment and business practices of AAMCO Transmissions located at 1 Widefield Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO 80911.

In April of last year, at the recommendation of my father, I took my car to AAMCO because of a problem with my Volkswagen Jetta. After they looked at the car, they discovered the clutch had to be replaced. I agreed since there was no other option. At that time, I was told the repairs would not go beyond $800. The day I went to pick up the car, they told me there was some other parts and labor that were involved and the cost of the repair was going to be over $1100. I told them then that I was not going to pay for that and I would only pay the $800 I was quoted. The manager at the time said he would bring the price down and charged me $959.

This past weekend, I had an appointment to get my rear brake pads replaced, but upon driving my car didn’t feel safe. I also noticed that my clutch felt loose all of the sudden, however, my car was still driving normal. I was able to pull my car into my driveway and move it for the tow truck company. I got a call from Felix on Monday afternoon stating that the caliper, rotor, and brake pad had to be replaced and it was going to cost two hours of labor. The total cost of this came to roughly $400. I expected that amount. He then told me that my clutch had to be replaced. I received no reason why, but he told me that the clutch was still under warranty-that they would cover it and my car would be ready the following day (Tuesday, March 9) or the next morning (Wednesday, March 10.)

On Wednesday afternoon, I received a call from Gus, the owner. He told me that my clutch was 4, 000 miles over the warranty. That they were going to pay for the clutch but he was going to have to charge me for 5.5 hours of labor which would be $485. I was outraged! How could the previous day I be told that the clutch was under warranty, but now I am being charged for labor? I told Gus that the only reason I brought my car there is because they fixed it before, AND I told him that the previous day I had been told the clutch was under warranty. He said “Sorry, but when we looked into it we found that you’re over your miles, so we will cover the part but you will have to pay for labor”. I didn’t appreciate the tone that he was using with me and I told him to call my father and tell him the details. At that time he said “We’ve always taken very good care of your father. I’ve done him more favors than one.” I have to admit, I probably wasn’t very pleasant with Gus, but I told him to call my father and hung up the phone.

I received a call from my father, Michael Hubbard Sr., and he told me that Gus had told him the same thing. My father stated he would no longer be doing business there, as he took a car there to have the transmission replaced and has had to take it back more than twice with repairs that cost thousands of dollars.

I then went to AAMCO personally. I asked AGAIN what the problem with my clutch was. The technician told me that the car couldn’t even make it up the ramp. This is the problem that I was having with the car back in April when they supposedly replaced the clutch with a brand new one. How could I be driving a car that had the same clutch for more than 8 years and now this one doesn’t even last one? Also, the previous day Felix told me I could drive my car for a couple days and bring it back for the repair, but now the car is not drive-able! Gus came in the office and told me he was sorry that they gave me the wrong quote but he has to “pay his guys” and he can’t do the work for free and he had given me discounts on the brake parts, labor, and wasn’t charging me the $200 it was going to cost him for the clutch. I expressed my ill feelings about being told one thing, but then another. That they should have done their due diligence BEFORE calling me and should honor the estimate they provided. I told him about the incident last April, he blew it off as if my concern about that incident didn’t matter.

Upon taking his statements into consideration, if he is being charged $200 for a clutch kit that is the same as what he put in last April and it is 5.5 hours of labor at $90 per hour, then the cost for repairing my clutch in the first place should have been roughly $600.

In both of these instances, AAMCO is in violation of The Motor Vehicle repair act, C.R.S., [protected] which states that a repair garage may not collect any charge for labor or parts in excess of the estimate plus ten percent or twenty five dollars. In these instances, they should not have charged me more than $880 for the repair in April and no more than $440 for the repairs currently.

I did, however, tell Gus that I would pay and I will honor MY word. He obviously is not going to honor his word or the word given by his employees and I do not want any of the technicians who are working on my car to suffer for that. Personally, I was completely offended by the tone he took with me, the way he managed the situation, and his constant effort to get me to somehow thank him for the favor that he did for me.

I would strongly discourage anybody from patronizing this business. In both instances to be given some hype about labor charges, and the charges being more than quoted and OUTSIDE of Colorado State law is not ethical and is a complete disservice to any consumer, and I feel for the consumers that have patronized this business and didn’t take the time to let other people know, or didn’t KNOW that their rights had been violated.

I don’t expect AAMCO to try to rectify this situation in any way. I’m sure Gus is still waiting for me to thank him for whatever favor he thinks he has done for me. I wouldn’t expect any kind of service after the way I have been treated. I hope this letter serves as an informational tool for those that are looking for quality auto service and this complaint will be filed with the proper authorities to ensure that they don’t handle their business like this in the future. Due to this complaint being filed, I will also have my car inspected at an outside vendor of my choice to ensure the work has been completed in a satisfactory manner.

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  • Aj
      10th of Mar, 2010
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    What happened to quality work and customer service?! We have had issue in the past with AAMCO in our area as well. I know that you mentioned that you do not expect the corporate office of AAMCO to rectify this issue, but I hope that they do.

  • Mh
      15th of Mar, 2010
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    Unfortunately, I have to report that when I called AAMCO this morning I had a very unpleasant conversation with Mr. GUS SOTO. I was trying to pay for the repairs to my car in the event I could not make it there before they closed OR before they could get in touch with me.

    Mr. Soto told me that he will not take any money from me until they fix the car. That he does not appreciate what I put on GOOGLE about him and that he tried to help ME out and I am WRONG. He told me they will call me when it is done, I can come get my car, but he doesn't want any more PROBLEMS with me.

    I'd like to also take a moment to THANK Mr. FELIX the customer service manager, who has been pleasant and neutral through this whole situation. In GOOD TASTE, he has apologized to me for the situation but I understand he can only do what the owner allows. I also want to thank the technicians, and the reason I am paying is because I don't want anyone to suffer for poor taste by a business owner.

    I don't expect Mr. Soto to be happy about my complaint, but I would expect him to handle it professionally. I would expect him to now understand and realize I am a professional too. Should he want to resolve this matter with me, I will be happy to report and document that with the Better Business Bureau and update all posts that this complaint has been published on. HOWEVER, if Mr. GUS SOTO wants to deal with the situatioin with ugly words, and placing blame-that will be documented as well.

    I don't believe in supporting businesses that do BAD BUSINESS. I don't believe in NOT educating people that might walk into the same situation but not know how to let their voice be heard. It's a shame that this situation has turned out this way. I hope that I can come back and report that the situation was resolved in the best interests of AAMCO and myself.

  • Gu
      28th of Mar, 2010
    -1 Votes

    As the business owner I must look out for my business and treat everyone fairly. Ms. Monica Hubbard was advised before the work was started of the fact the clutch was out of warranty by almost 4, 000 miles. She was upset upon hearing this but agreed the vehicle needed to be repaired and approved it. I told her I would not charge her for the clutch kit and gave her a 10% discount on the labor.

    Her brake repair was discounted 40% on parts and 10% on the labor. I gave her a rear main engine seal at no charge although the price is $78.00 (our cost) and no charge for the labor.

    If Ms. Hubbard is a true professional as she states then she would appreciate and understand my position as a business owner. We don't believe in taking payment before the repairs are done on a vehicle over the telephone on a credit card. I specially wouldn't do this from someone who bounced a check for $245.59 on May 15th of last year.

    Please consider the source. No matter how we treat her she will never be happy. We treat everyone fairly and have a long list of very satisfied and return customers.

  • Ch
      31st of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Check out!

  • Ju
      7th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I had the SAME problem with these people!
    My best friend was in Iraq and he let me use his truck. Something happened to the truck, mechanically, that was expected. I talked to Gus and we had the truck towed to his shop. They gave me a discount on towing. Got the truck mostly fixed (it's a long [censor]ed story...) and he told me the charge was like $600. Then I told him that my best friends mom would be calling to pay for the truck, before I pick it up. When she called, Gus charged her $240 OVER what he'd told me! When I went down there and talked to him, he 'apologized' and said that he'd "missed another charge". In the matter of ten minutes?? REALLY??!
    He did a similar thing to my fiance, when he came back from Iraq too!
    This Gus character is lucky my bestie didn't go down there and dot his eye for him! But NONE OF US will EVER recommend this shop to ANYONE!

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