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Took my 003 caddy in with ck engine light on. Jose checked the car said he needed to ck it further no charge to ck it. Ok so I left him the car.2 hrs later he called me to tell me I needed a transmission rebuilt it would cost beetween 2 and 3000 to fix it. This gu y didnt seem like the brightest person I have ever met I didnt trust him to fix it. So I went to get my car. Execpt for the ck eng light on there was nothing wrong with my car. When I got there jose told me my transmission is now slipping. It was not slipping befor wat did you do. He starting yelling at me cursing why are u blaming me I said the car was running fine befor you touched it who else am I going to blame? He then through me out of his shop. I had it towed rite up the block to lee myles he showed me where he drained thans. Fluid out of my car to make it slip. The ck engine light was on because of a bad speed sensor $97.00 he fixed my car amco and jose wanted 3000 for a transmission I didnt need. Paul at lee myles said this goes on almost everyday. So let my bad fortune be your good fortuine. Do not go to aamco linden and see jose

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  • Xe
      Oct 08, 2010

    I took my Denali for repair 3 times to AAMCO in LINDEN, NJ. 1st time was for a rebuilt transmission that was acting up after 1 month of having it rebuilt. Cost me over $3000 to fix. Took it home, acting strange, like the transmission was not working properly. Called Store Mgr: GLEN, told me to bring it back to him for check-up. Called me back to let me know they HAD did something wrong and had to refix it, DONE with transmission, now me states I need emergency brakes, Pads and some rotors, okay me not knowing I say yes..please fix, cost me $700. When He is done with that GLEN calls me back stating something is wrong with my transfer case and that if I do not fix it, my truck will NOT be running correctly and that for him to check it would cost me $250 just to look at it, okay told him to look at, calls me back 4 days later, which I was calling him and calling with NO CALLS BACK. FINALLY CALLS, to tell me my transfer case is BROKEN and must be replaced and that it would cost me another $1800 to fix and that he is looking at my tranfer case in front of him (basically my denali is up on the lift because he was looking at my truck). As im on the phone with him, I am driving to his shop... as he is still on the phone, im pulling up to find my DENALI sitting on the side..UN-TOUCHED! He was lying to me over the phone and wanted to rib me off for more $$$$$! As am asking him in person, what is going on, he CURSES ME OUT, THROWS ME OUT THE SHOP! Keeps my truck the WHOLE WEEKEND, would not let me take my truck, even when I told him I would pay the $250 to take my truck. Made me wait until Monday. To OVER charge me, on the Invoice he gave me says he charged me $200 but on my receipt he charged me $270. So When I drive off with my truck, it was REALLY BAD, the gears were getting stuck, my truck wanted to leave me, shut off completely but finally made it to anbther find out there was NOTHING WRONG with my transfer case...they had displugged a wire underneath my truck so it would jump gears the way it was. And on top of everything..they charged me for emergency brake fix that they DID NOT DO... Now im concerned because I DO NOT know what else they did to my truck! I have 3 kids, what if im in a car accident? What About my transmission goes off again? I can't take it back to them to rip me off again??? PLEASE NO ONE GO TO THIS SHOP! THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!

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