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First off I want to say the that the loan I got from 800loanmart was very expensive!!! But I want to thank 800loanmart for helping me out & for being the only ones willing to help. I was having trouble paying a credit card that I owed $13, 000 on so the credit card bank offered me to settle for $3, 500. Only problem is they only gave me 4 months to pay the entire settlement amount & if I didn’t pay the total by the 4th month the settlement would be voided & I’d lose the $250/month I paid for 3 months. I was on my 3rd month & had not been able to borrow the remaining $2, 750. My credit union and my bank did not want to lend me money on my car title because of my credit. None of my family members or friends could help either. Before I took out my loan with 800loanmart I was not sure if I should because I read some bad reviews on them but since I really needed to meet the deadline I figured I'd give them a shot. Plus the BBB had given them a B+ rating anyway so I thought it would be worth a try. Again, I do have to say that the loan I got from them was expensive but it was convenient & what I like about this company is that they disclose this clearly & even in the contract it says it in big letters "this is a high cost loan, think carefully before deciding to take loan" or something like that. I was able to get the money fast without any hassles & in time to meet the credit card settlement deadline. I also made sure I made my payments on time to payoff my car title loan. I paid off my 800loanmart loan in 5 months and although it was pricey I ended up saving a lot more money than I spent because had I not made the lump sum I would have lost my $750. More importantly I also ended up saving about $9, 500 because of the settlement and I don’t have to pay that credit card anymore.

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      Jul 01, 2011

    Five star review for 1800-loanmart!!! paul, i'm with you 100%! 1800-loanmart is a bit expensive... but given my poor credit past and my inability to get money from a traditional lender (and my parents won't help me out any more), so really 800loanmart was my only option. I was skeptical at first, but the loan rep was extremely helpful and supportive and walked me through each step from the time I applied to the time I walked into their office and picked up my check. I had the option of paying my loan off slowly over the period of 24 months, but when I added up the amount of interest I would have had to pay, my eyes nearly burst out of their sockets! lol. I paid off the loan after only 30 days (they didn't hit me up for pre-payment penalties either, which was cool... unlike some other companies I looked into). I saved thousands on interest by paying it off early and I would most definitely use 1800-loanmart again should I ever find myself in a bind in the future.

    I've read a lot of 1800-loanmart complaints, but honestly, I give a review for 1800-loanmart with 5 stars! they were the only ones there for me when I needed money. keep up the great work guys!

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      Feb 22, 2018

    Their is absolutely no such thing as a 5 month with these people!!, lets see proof... i've been watching this group for 10 years and i've have not seen any happy customers because they don't exist! if you read anything how great these people are, i'm telling you straight up they are fake! it's not in this business ripoff practice to be anywhere near helpful or kind to anyone who has ever made the mistake by shaking hands with your worst nightmare money
    Con artists who will enjoy playing and threaten you for years... oh the bbb rating is paid for by loanmart! it's not the bbb rating... want a laugh check their fb page... everything you have written about this israel company is unprofessional conduct... money laundering check linkedin you will meet your lender's...

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