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LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group Complaints & Reviews

LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group / title loan for 2500 and I still owe this much a year later.

Jul 24, 2019

I have been paying loan mart every month and I am so called current after paying them for a year. What's insane is that I have tried to settle and they tell me after paying over 3000 that I would need to pay atleast an additional 2500. Which is the total price of the loan. I am a disable...

LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group / marketing

Jul 19, 2019

Received a pre-qualification letter from 1 800 Loanmart; filled out a preliminary application but the company would not reveal my monthly payment amount until it had run my credit (hard credit pull) which affects my credit score. They had listed a monthly amount of $194.22 on their site...

[Resolved] LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group / title loan will never be paid off

Oct 25, 2018

I took a title loan with this company back in February of 2017. I was told as long as I made my monthly payment, I would be paid off in 2 years, February 2019 when the loan matured, and that I would be required to pay any late fees or accrued interest for a late payment. When I called for...

LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group / title loans/beware!

May 22, 2018

Whatever you do, read up on this company before you borrow - no matter how desperate you may be for the money, you'll be grateful for never taking this disgusting, greedy, POS company's money. They are the rudest, most incompetent and uncaring ‘business' that I have ever had the misfortune...

LoanMart / Wheels Financial Group / titleloan

Jul 03, 2017

I got a $2500 title loan with them 5 years ago, the payments became too much and I released the car to them. The amount was $1500 owed which they wrote off. Subsequently, they sent me $650 account settlement offer which i rejected. After they charged it off, they kept adding interest now 4...

Wheels Financial Group / title lending

Jan 07, 2016

L Mart and their fraudulent practices need to be investigated criminally. When I took a title debt from them in March 2015 I was told clearly over the phone I could request a payoff total at any time and would pay my principal and the rolling interest. I requested a payoff total in...

1800 Loanmart / vehicle tracking installed

Apr 09, 2015

Loanmart hired Fumble repo recovery in Rialto California to repo my vehicle. Once in Fumble recoverys possession they installed a tracking device to assist further recoveries. My complaint is not that they installed gps, my complaint lies with the way the gps was installed. Before repo my...

Loanmart Aka Wheels Financial / thieves beware loanmart

Aug 27, 2014

So, we took out a loan when our kids ended up in the hospital. We made our payments (missed one in December of 2010 but made it up January 201. By March 2011 we had paid $5730 off a $6000 Loan. We were forced into Bankruptcy during which LoanMart received an additional $5461.10 for a...

800loanmart Aka Wheels Financial Group / loansharking - they need to be shut down

Feb 02, 2014

This company has got to be shut down! They truly are the ### of the earth. The best advice I can give anyone considering getting a loan from them is this... you would be so much better off to just sell your vehicle. If you get a loan from them you are going to end up paying 3 or 4 time...

1800loanmart / repo of vehicle

Jan 23, 2013

1800loanmartIf you are looking to get a loan threw this place, please don't. They have the rudest employees and when your on the phone with them, they really are not of help and you can hear some of the employees goofing around. I got a loan with them. My payments are due on the 10th of each...

1-800-loanmart / loan sharks/deceiving

Jan 04, 2013

when i called them because i needed a loan they explained the interest to me the way they explained it did not sound so bad. i went ahead an signed the contract for the loan back in June 2012. I have made a total of 6 payments and the it has all gone to interest. my loan was for a total of...

1 800 Loan Mart California / car repoed

Mar 28, 2012

I have posted before on this regarding Loan Mart. I have finally found a wonderful attorney that is willing to take them on who heads a large firm . Everyone who has been hurt by loan mart call Brian Kemmnitzer [protected] It does not matter how long ago things happened with you and loan...

1800loanmart / bad bizz

Dec 28, 2011

I had gotten a title loan from loanmart... Oh god was it a big mistake!!! There rate is 97% daily interest so no matter if u pay u still keep owing them all ur paying is monthly interest and ur loan amount never goes down... I cant believe that this is even legal for companies to take...

1800loanmart / release of title

Oct 12, 2011

I paid off my loan on my 2010 Dodge Dakota, at their outrageous interest rates 4 months ago. I paid my vehicle registration fees and when I received my title it showed 1 800 loan mart as the Lien Holder? I called 1800loanmart and asked whats up? They said they would get back to me in a few...

1 800 Loan Mart / in bed with money gram

Aug 23, 2011

My husband and I turned to 1800 loan mart out desperation to not end up homeless. When we tried to pay off the loan early (To avoid more of the daily interest charges) we were forced to go through money gram (And pay an additional fee) because they do not accept payments over $500 online...

800loanmart / expensive loan

Jun 30, 2011

First off I want to say the that the loan I got from 800loanmart was very expensive!!! But I want to thank 800loanmart for helping me out & for being the only ones willing to help. I was having trouble paying a credit card that I owed $13, 000 on so the credit card bank offered me to...

800loanmart / loan shark! crook!

May 17, 2011

Last month, I went to Loan Mart to get a loan because I was in financial crisis. The interest rate is skyrocket high. When my payment is one day late, a collector called me and my family member and harassed us. They were very rude and thretened to repossess my car. REally? For one day late...

1 800 Loan Mart / harassing debt collectors (title loan)

Apr 01, 2011

I am looking for other people who have been victims of 800 Loan Mart in the past year. I made the poor choice in taking out a title loan from them. I have been harassed on many levels. My car has been repoed unlawfully. Loan Mart has been unlawfully doing business for years and they need...

1800loanmart / harassment


I unfortuneatly needed some cash, and had no other means to get any but I would have been better off letting all my utilities get cut off. They start calling and harrassing the next day after the payment is due no matter if you call and tell them or not the calls keep coming. I should have...

1800loanmart / not a complaint as much as a warning


FYI folks: History: Thanks for contacting us. An operator will be with you shortly... [Loan Agent] Hi! How may I help you with your car title loan needs today? [Visitor] I cannot locate your interest ratew anywhere on the site. Can you advise please? Thanks [Visitor] I cannot locate your...

1800 Loan Mart / fraud and racist


i have worked for loan mart and all the complaints i have read are 100% true. they are a company that commits fraud, makes threats to customer they break the law everyday and if you ever spoke to ivonne she a supervisor and you get her upset after she would hang up and if you were a black...

800 Loanmart / business practice


As most people in this economy, I lost my job and turned to loanmart for a short term loan to pay my rent. I was lucky to have paid off my extremely high interest loan in 25 days. That was 2 months ago and my dealings with them are still not over. I was told when I paid off my loan that...

1800loanmart / crooks!!!


These people are total crooks!! Do not do business with them!! Aside from the sky high interest rate their customer service staff is unhelpful and rude!! If you do not pay exactly on the date due it is a per day charge for every day you are late after that. They called my family, and my...

1800loanmart / crooks


They are crooks they dont explain the terms clearly they make you think that the interest is one thing and when you sign the contract it is a daily rate which ends up to be 99percent for the year and if you dont pay on the due date more interest is added so the end of the term you will...

Loan Mart / rip off artist and scams


I want to warn everyone about 800 loan mart its so sad how they burn people I got a 2500 dollar loan and today I call for my balance and its 2900 and ive been payin for two and a half years ive paid them 9000 dollars alrerady.. . Plz is there anyone out there who can help me to sue these...

800loanmart / bad business


I took a loan out for my truck, to try and save my foreclosed home...I had no other alternative. It is 2 years later and they are telling me that I still owe the principal balance, plus fees. They have threatened me, called my boss and family members and even sent the repo man out to...

1800loanmart / loan sharking


I foolishly took out a 2600.00 title loan against my 2002 ford pick up truck, done to prevent my home from going into forclosure, good lord what a mistake!!! I was so desperate at the time, I should have read the loan docs more closely!!! Almost 97% interest?? I have givin them almost...