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800 notes / misuse/abuse of site's purpose

1 North Carolina, United States Review updated:
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The 800 Notes website indicates the site's purpose is to expose telemarketers and businesses that scam. However, the site is being used by some individuals to post personal negative slander comments for revenge due to personal relationship matters.

Recommendation: Remove personal information irrelevant to the purpose of the site or take the site down completely.

  • Updated by Sarah L. Lynch, Jul 31, 2017

    Thank you for your response. I will report such information to 800Notes irrelevant to the purpose of your site and I am assuming by your response the moderators will take action to ensure the site is not abused or used by others who have personal relationships and post our of revenge. I do see the purpose of the site and would not want contributing content removed that is useful to the site's purpose. I have to wonder why I tend to see revenge type posts that remain in light of this. Attached is such example.

    misuse/abuse of site's purpose
  • Updated by Sarah L. Lynch, Aug 06, 2017

    I am in disagreement with your response. The facts within the post state is was a relationship leading to marriage that did not work out. This post is not in line with the site's purpose pertaining to a reverse directory for scammers/or telephone solicitations using false information. The post on your site clearly represents a relationship that lasted for a while where the couple traveled together, but did not end in marriage resulting in the woman posting what she did which results in damaging information to the victim. I have filed a complaint in the state of No. Carolina pertaining to posts such as this with the attorney general's office for review. I believe they have sent a request to the board for a response.

  • Updated by Sarah L. Lynch, Aug 07, 2017

    I responded to your post and what the site is allowing is not in line with its purpose. That is the heart of the issue. If you have a board/administration contact information to review the concern, please feel free to provide that information.

  • Updated by Sarah L. Lynch, Aug 07, 2017

    Is there any special reason why only my conversation log is posting and not yours?

  • Updated by Sarah L. Lynch, Aug 07, 2017

    You site is public and so I believe you are not stating the fact that it's public and does not require an account or login. Information posted pertaining to relationships which dissolve is not a place for a public forum.

Jul 27, 2017
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      30th of Jul, 2017
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    While its true that some scammers and trolls post misleading info there, the people who monitor the site and reply with useful info are also pretty good at spotting those troublemakers and report them to the Moderators. Most are removed if they violated the TOS, but some remain, since it is a message board type website where opinions are discussed, as well as scams and other unwanted calls.
    I would disagree with your "recommendation" to take the site down completely over a few troublemakers. Cutting off the head because a few parasites are on it is a little extreme for a cure to a problem.

  • Pr
      6th of Aug, 2017
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    The image you posted as an update is what the site is there for, to expose someone out to scam others. That post may or may not be a revenge post, it could be someone who fell in love then was scammed or someone out seeking revenge. It is not something anyone can verify as true or false, so it remains for others to make a decision if they might be getting scammed, should they find themselves in a similar situation.

    If it is a revenge type post and the person who the revenge was against could contact the site Administration and provide details of why it is not a true posting, but a revenge one, they will remove it. But scammers do get exposed often and proof is definitely required when its disputed over a post removal request.

  • Pr
      7th of Aug, 2017
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    I think you are missing the whole point of the website and filing a complaint with the State AG won't change anything . I am not sure what it is your complaining about, since it not something that warrants removal because YOU disagree with it. If you don't like what others report about and you have nothing to do with the site, then simply don't go there!

    Someone reported about a scam and it doesn't matter how long it took to realize it and report about it. The original contact could have been done via the number posted in and there is nothing to indicate it as a false post. There is no legal issues to concern anyone, unless you are the one who is being reported about, then perhaps as mentioned before, you would need to contact the Administration and try resolving the issue with them, not on a complaint website with a stranger such as me.

  • Pr
      7th of Aug, 2017
    +1 Votes

    I am sorry, but you lost me on what it is your are actually complaining about! The site is public and anonymous posting is pretty normal for message board style websites. There is a Contact Us link at the bottom of every page, so I don't know what you hope to accomplish here. As I already stated, you will not resolve any issue you have with them by posting here and expecting me to do something about it. Its not my site and I am just trying to help you understand the site and how to get the help you seem to be needing.

  • Pr
      7th of Aug, 2017
    +3 Votes

    You said: "Information posted pertaining to relationships which dissolve is not a place for a public forum."

    But the image you posted and seem to have an issue with is about a "Marriage Scam" and those are the details as posted by the person who fell for the scam, so what is it your having a problem understanding about what gets posted on a scam reporting website?

  • Mi
      8th of Aug, 2017
    Best Best Advice +5 Votes

    You say it isn't something that should be posted in a public forum, but yet here you are reposting it as an image attachment, showing the post on yet a different public website.

  • Sa
      9th of Aug, 2017
    +4 Votes

    What are you insane? That was a post made 2 years ago! Your complaining about it and its got nothing to do with you? That website is all about people posting scams and reporting them to share with others, so they know about them too. I think you need to be shut a mental ward!

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