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800 notes — misuse/abuse of site's purpose

The 800 Notes website indicates the site's purpose is to expose telemarketers and businesses that scam. However, the site is being used by some individuals to post personal...

800notesReporting site

I liked going to 800Notes and checking on phone numbers that I didn't recognize. However, as of late, as others have mentioned, it has morphed into an argument site instead of an information sharing site. I wish the developers/owners would start monitoring that site and remove any posts that are not appropriate for the intention of the site. With so many scammers and robo callers, we need a forum to report them and let others know what the caller said if they answered the phone or were left a message.

800notes.comDisgraceful and fake

This website is merely a rant collection for people who received an unwanted call and attracts all sorts of misfits. Posts are mostly trollers who seek attention and have arguments over who called and how to get even with telemarketers/scammers/debt collectors.

There are posts containing links to pornographic sites posted by people who claim someone sent them a link via text and posts these links. Others use vulgar language to describe an encounter with a scammer or angry telemarketer call.

Attempting to help give information on a phone number yielded questions seeking personal information from me about the number.

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    Deleted Media Mar 14, 2017

    My name is Deleted Media. I have been posting negative reviews about 800 Notes on many sites because I was angry they kicked me off their forums for trolling and making bad remarks to people

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800notesUnethical behavior from insulting moderators

What I thought was a service to find out owners of phone numbers, turned out to be a call complaint website.I went there many times to look up a number, never commenting about my calls.

A few days ago I wanted to contribute some numbers I knew of and was not able to complete even one. I was asked by several people all within a few minutes why I was there, what is the address, what is the company's website and called a lying shill. I asked back WTF is a shill and who are these people. After a few insults from them, I told them where to go and stopped responding.

I began looking up reviews and found my way here. I have read a number of reviews and decided to write one of my own.

The Image is my way of showing what I think of these "cyber-thugs", since they act like a gang of kids, I made it of their " Gang Tags"

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    Deleted Media Mar 14, 2017

    My name is Deleted Media. I was angry when I wrote this review. They found out I spy on other men in public restrooms in hopes of seeing, smelling, and hearing them drop a deuce. I just wanted revenge

    0 Votes — Ficticious slander for business and personal phone numbers

307523 I am a victim of abuse from members of 800notes and write this review as a warning to anyone with a phone listing. As many of us know there is a big problem with scam...

800notes.comRegistered members abusive behavior

The registered users @ are bullies who only post to entertain themselves and occasionally toss in some important info, self-justifying for posting at all. Instead of clearing out unwanted posts, they would rather bait people into an argument so they can each take turns marking your post with negative likes [-1] at the same time pat each other on the butt with a [+1], all the while the thread fills up with useless garbage, mostly from them.

I even seen Sir Bedevere lie about why they didn't remove a fake post when asked, saying it wasnt a TOS violation, when in fact it was pointed out the specifics of the violation. He just removed that post, leaving his to show with his reason its wasnt a violation. Then on top of that he removed a post of the guy who questioned him and that guy didn't violate any TOS.
Slim is the main troublemaker, baiting people into posting by grilling them with questions to make them prove their reasoning of their post, then discredit anything they say, so his buddies have a reason to troll the thread. They challenge anyone who asks a question and gangs up on them. When they are shown they were wrong about something, they simply remove your post into a PPMA ("Pending Post Moderation Approval"), which is never approved.
The site is littered with PPMA, along with registered members posts heckling suspected troll/Shills, many of which they baited. There are also posts of them making fun of how people spell, why they responded to an older post, etc. Its understandable any message board needs to ensure trolling and spamming are monitored, but they act suspicious of anyone posting who responds to a reply made by them to the Original Poster. If you even remotely sound like your against them or their motives, your post is removed by PPMA. The site isnt even creditable with many numbers, since they dont challenge short story responses. Many trolls/shills take advantage of this and post nonsense stories, where some are challenged, but not removed because the registered users would be able to leave their own heckling posts without looking foolish. So its sometimes difficult to even find if a number has good information about it.

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    Joniboi Oct 15, 2016

    I made a post about a number that i had information of, more than just that they called, but my post went right into moderation. I attempted several times to post it, but then asked what happened and could a moderator explain. A registered user answered my questions just fine and i was ready to move on. A second registered user then started asking questions, even though he could see i had been helped, i even said that i had been helped. He continued asking questions towards the validity of what i had posted, or wanted to post but couldnt due to the site blocks the name Nomorobo. My post was specifically about that blocking service since it was their number i was posting about. He baited me by asking me to post an external link to prove the number was specific to that service as i claimed. I tried, but it went automatically in moderation and he knew it would. He then badgered me saying if i cant prove it i must be a troll and then edited his post once he realized i was right and i replied before i seen it. He then removed my posts saying that i was being nasty and not helpful.
    I have screen shots of those posts...see for yourself!

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    Jenny5566 Dec 09, 2016

    Heres a site that has more of those cyber bully activities:

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    Deleted Media Mar 14, 2017

    My name is Deleted Media. I like to talk about pooping in my pants. They kicked me off 800Notes and won't let me back in

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    MikeHuntleton Apr 20, 2017

    @Deleted Media I see 'The Troll' was busy over the last 6 months! It likes to use "boi" a lot and promote the website I made. Betcha the troll never thought the site would wind telling the story of him being The Troll, thats irony for ya!

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800notes.comThe website was useless and impossible to reach the moderators

I recently noticed that some unknown phone number called several time, but I didn’t hear. I found the website I filled the form and hoped to get info about this number, but the website showed error and they advised me to contact the moderators. I tried to reach them, but all my emails were returned back. Total scam, so stay away from this website and share your info about it.

800notes.comUnfair Administration is supposed to be a website where a consumer can post complaints regarding telemarketers, scams, etc. A member of the group Surfers United went onto the site to post a complaint regarding a company called CallCentric Wholesale Inc. Our member was immediately set upon by 'trusted posters' attempting to thwart the complaint. Their right to post links was disallowed, posts were deleted and the thread was locked by the administrator.

Our poster felt clearly that they had been treated unfairly though the complaint was legitimate. Other internet sources have raised issues as to whether this site receives monies to disregard and thwart complaints as well as other issues.

800notesJulia Forte

We just found out today that Julia Forte of have a rap sheet a mile long for sex with minors, and that's not all she was caught letting a dog have sex with her.

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    scoo Aug 09, 2012

    Julia Forte is the town whore.

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    scoo Aug 09, 2012

    Is this the Peter J. Brockman that was band from Wendy's for touching a guys private parts in public.

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    scoo Aug 09, 2012

    Julia Forte where are you? Come out and play.

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    swift12 Aug 16, 2012

    Julia Forte is a full time whore.

    -2 Votes — extortion

Julia Forte tried to extort money from me. I'm a girl's high school soccer coach, and someone wrote sleazy comments about me on I think it might be... — Stole my money

307523 If you are considering advertising on Julia Forte’s website, DON’T. Julia Forte may steal your money. I paid Julia Forte of in Holly Spring... Julia Forte — Julia Forte and Abused a Minor

If you pay Julia Forte and to advertise on their website PLEASE read about what Julia Forte has done to my son who is a minor and determine if you still want to...

Julia Forte — Harrassment and Slander

Julia Forte of in Holly Springs, North Carolina allowed false complaints about me to be posted on her website, refused to take them down, added more of her own, and...

800 notes — 800 notes possible extortion

Is 800 notes a scam using extortion techniques? According to this article, 800 notes and Julia Forte use extirtion as a tool to remove negative blogs. Is 800 notes and Julia...