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MY WORST EXPERIENCE EVER -HavIng travelled worldwide!!

Having just spent over £5, 000.00 for my family to go to Umrah, we feel EVERYBODY who is even thinking about booking through them, not to. There service is simply NON-Existent. They sent us to the 1st destination hotel which was located on a BUILDING SITE!. All we had was banging day and night from piling machines digging into the ground. Then we went to the 2nd destination, using the transportation company they provided. The hotel DID NOT EXIST!! The driver spent 2 hours driving around and asking every local hotel. He then left me my wife and 2 small children abandoned in the middle of the city with all our luggage as he said he 'had to go and could do nothing more'. We then called them to be told the name was slightly different - this too was a lie. Having spent another hour in a taxi I PAID FOR, we found the hotel was named completely different - It was by sheer chance and having giving every local hotel our details that we found this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS AGENCY...THEY ARE CON MEN!! I would pay more to a trusted agent with positive reviews than book through them. If u dont believe all comments below.

Oh, im told positive comments are left by their staff members having spoken to several others that used them.

Jan 11, 2015
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      Nov 14, 2015

    Your first hotel was KENZIE HOTEL MAKKAH. It is a very good hotel. I am sorry if you have had a bad experience from it but the hotel had a construction site across it which is not entirely or at all the companies fault/responsibility. Someone somewhere had the money to build something to that location and he/she has.

    Our company is existent and has been from the last 11 years offering umrah packages, flights, holidays. transport, Visa and Insurance from UK to all over the world.

    The second hotel we were to give you was full so we arranged an alternative hotel because you were travelling at a peak season December 2014. The hotel rooms are full in December. But we arranged an alternative hotel by incurring the extra cost of the hotel to ourself.

    As I mentioned earlier that December is a very busy month hence the driver (whose behaviour you claim was irresponsible) had to pick up his other customers so he lied from his side and left you. Busy months can be a hassle which you already had the idea in mind at the time you made the booking.

    We are a trusted agent and we have flew over a million customers every year for the last 11 years.

    I hope you are aware that posting about your experience to a spiritual and religious trip (Umrah or Hajj) is a sin. Stop blaming the company about your bad experience. Everyone faces a hassle and rush but nobody complains. Everyone accepts because the blessing is much much greater for this holy journey then the hurdles you face.

    Finally. You already went to court and claimed £2013.5. You went to Umrah and used our service entirely and also got a compensation of over half the money you spend. Why are you leaving a bad review?

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