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I live in England and paid 25pounds on 22nd September for a logo. I was very let down by the standard of logos sent to me by seem to be a sister company of as their websites look the same.

The company politely asked for another chance which I gave them. The standard was still not up to scratch so I asked for my full refund as per the terms and conditions on their website on 23rd September 2008. According to their terms and conditions you are entitled to a full refund if you are not satisfied. They responded by email saying that they would give me a full refund but it could take up to 21 days.

On 11th October 2008, after not hearing anything else I contacted them to inquire about my refund. I received a email on 12th October asking for my paypal address to speed up payment which I gave to them. I have not heard anything since or received any money. They have no telephone numbers or addresses on their website so my only option has been to email every single email address they advertise on their website. Unsurprisingly I have NOT had one response and the date is now 27th October. So I am still waiting for my refund and it has been 34 days!!! I have sought legal action with my local trading standards and plan on letting as many people as possible know about the practices of this company as possible. They are not going to get away with ripping people off. Don't you hate how some people in this world lack any kind of morals.

I would be interested to hear of others that have experienced similar treatment from either 25poundlogo or 50dollarlogo!

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  • Lu
      Feb 16, 2009

    They stole my web site and used it on their site as part of their portfolio. They are in no way related to my site and certainly NEVER designed it. It's unacceptable that they would use my site to lure unsuspecting people in to buying their services!

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  • Mi
      Apr 09, 2009

    I ordered a logo from
    I recieved NOTHING repeat NOTHING from them.
    I emailed them back and they said they had no record of my order.
    I have since reported them to the police.

    Michael D

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  • Ch
      Apr 16, 2009

    50dollarlogo is a huge scam ! I also ordered a logo and although they promptly took my money, I never received even an order confirmation from them. I tried to contact them several times by form and email and never even received a reply. I contacted the billing company I used called NoChex, and they said they attempted to contact them and that I would receive a reply shortly. The reply never came. When I finally was able to contact someone on Live Chat, they told me it would done within a few days but didn't offer an explanation for the delay. Another week passed but the logo never came. After that, I tried for over a month to contact them and either get my logo or get a refund and got no response. When I requested a refund from NoChex they responded with this:

    Dear Customer,

    Please note that Nochex is an e-money issuer. You requested that a payment was to be made from your card for e-money, and then this payment was forwarded on to the seller as per your instruction.

    Nochex did this, just as you requested, and as such we cannot accept liability or fault for our part in the process.

    We understand that you are not satisfied with your transaction, but we are not able to offer refunds without the seller passing the money back via our systems as we do not have access to 3rd party bank accounts. We are awaiting an update from the merchant regarding your order


    Shopper Support

    To which I responded:

    I have been waiting over a month for a product I purchased, and was promised to be delivered within 4 business days. I have attempted to contact them several times but have not received any reply from the company that took my money.
    I don't care who you are, or what you claim you can't do. I will be calling my credit company claiming fraud on this charge on March 25th if this is not resolved by then.
    You can either get my product by then, issue me a refund, or wait for the chargeback. The choice is yours.

    I got still no response from anyone so I went ahead and reversed the charge with my credit card company.
    My advice is DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT GIVING 50DOLLARLOGO.CA, 50DOLLARLOGO.COM or any other website they may be associated with any money. Don't waste your time.

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  • Mi
      Apr 22, 2009


    I am also having ghe same issue with I have had nothing but the run-a-round. Can someone help????


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  • Ja
      May 09, 2009

    I am also a victim to this scam. How can we let them get away with this??!!

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  • Du
      Jun 12, 2009

    you people got what you deserved, what did you expect from a design service that only charges $50

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  • Ja
      Jul 15, 2009

    my friends and i have used 50dollarlogo several times and have always got great final products. granted, they are not the most efficient service in the world but theyre not scamming anyone. have patience...after all, you only paid $50

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  • Ja
      Jul 15, 2009

    also...why bother launching a crusade against this could actually be developing your business instead

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  • Mi
      Jul 20, 2009

    It's not a crusade, it's a simple reporting of reality to warn other people.
    They are criminals who rip people off and stole my money for literally NOTHING in return. How is that hard to understand?
    I got a full re-fund through my bank and they will be pursued by my bank in the UK and NoChex who are not so easy to fob off. I suggest anyone else report them to the bank and also to advertising standards as basically their whole website is a lie.
    If you'd been robbed by them you might have a grain of empathy.
    By the way, how did you come to look at this if you didn't have a complaint to make?
    Do you just go reading complaints boards to see if people happen to be complaining about products you've used ?
    In which case you really are wasting your time.
    Unless you have some vested interest?

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  • Sh
      Sep 07, 2009

    50 Dollar Logo and their employees are a bunch of internet scammers. They will give you inferior designs and then give you the runaround when you request a refund. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR YOUR LOGO DESIGN NEEDS.

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  • Ro
      Sep 22, 2009

    They wouldn't even respond to my emails or calls since I ordered last month. I went ahead and ordered one for $47 though logonerds and they did great. I will just have my credit card company reverse this, but I agree that Nochexs should stop doing business with them if they are legit or perhaps they are owned by the same company?

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  • An
      Sep 25, 2009

    I was ripped of by 50DollarLogo, too. Basically the same story as everyone else. I complained to NoChex, and they had the company provide a refund within a few days. In addition to the crappy logo and refund hassle, several other things about this company concerned me. Emails were sent from a gmail account and written in poor English. Also, I was annoyed that the company's website looks like it's in the US, yet it's apparently a UK-based company, and I was charged a foreign transaction fee by my bank. By the way, I asked around and found someone local to design a great logo for $20...

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  • De
      Nov 25, 2009

    Logonerds did my first logo quickly and I was very pleased. Went to do a second logo and specifically requested a font - they gave me something else that looked similar enough, but it was too loopy in the b, l, d letters. They refused to fix it and closed my order stating I received my order. They now refuse to return phonecalls, emails, etc. to get it fixed. So much for their 100% guarantee! I'm out $50 and still do not have my logo finished.

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  • Fc
      Apr 01, 2010

    I have just made use of the 50dollarlogo service and I was pleasantly surprised! I thought I would try out the service as it was great value @£59 for 12 logo designs.

    Unfortunately, where they let themselves down is that nobody knows who they are or where they are based. There is no contact number or address and they advertise that they use PayPal for our transactions. They in fact use NOCHEX which does not carry the same guarantees and protection for the customer as PayPal. So naturally I started to get concerned after I did not get a confirmation email for my order or receipt email for my purchase. I gave it 24 hours and still no response, so I used their customer service email portal to send them an email raising my concerns and requesting some contact, otherwise I would get my bank to block payment. I did get a response, but I still felt uncomfortable.

    After 48 hours when my logos had been guaranteed to arrive by email, there was no sign of them, so I contacted my bank and requested the payment be block from leaving my account. My bank agreed and offered to investigate fraud if it was found to be the case. I sent an email through the portal again explaining what I had done and that I wanted my order to be cancelled.

    To my surprise 65 hours after making my order, an email came through with 12 logo designs attached. The designs are limited but would be more than adequate for most local business to consumer use. My business is UK and Europe Business to Business, so the standard of the logos would not fit with what I need. However, these logos are a better standard to some of my competitors' logos, so I can not knock the design work. I have paid for what I got £59 for 12 OK logos. A professional graphic designer charges that per hour, so 50dollarlogo do offer value for money.

    They do need to work on their customer service and be more open and honest about themselves and where they are based. It is OK if they are based in Asia because we can get value for money by using their service. But more of an effort needs to be made by them to make customers feel more secure and comfortable!

    Customer service 4/10
    Portraying a legitimate business 0/10
    Design work 6/10
    Speed 9/10
    Value for money 10/10 (If you are lucky enough to receive your product)!

    F. C., UK

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  • Ja
      Apr 07, 2010 are part of the same, they have the same graphics and also use the same gmail address. All other email addresses listed for people are fake. Both and web pages are littered with viruses, so watch out. I am now trying to get my £54 back.

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  • Jo
      Nov 16, 2010

    logodesignguarantee is ripping people off and the message needs to get out to people before anyone else parts with any money. This firm will take your money and if you dont like the crapy designs they send you, you will never see your money again. Dont believe the 100% money back guarantee promised on their website. These people are crooks and the sooner the message gets out there, the less people will get burnt by these crooks. I paid £437 for logo and website design and have tried everything to get a refund. Hopefully this business will soon be shut down and nowone else will get scammed by these thieves.

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  • St
      Dec 15, 2010

    I was too ripped off by this company. They sent me many logos, not even remotely comparable to there portfolio, it was a reference 'abina' although from looking on other forum websites, it looks like this name is used quite a lot. They do rubbish designs, they send email after email saying they will look into my request when asking for a refund, i was very polite up until a point, when i emailed them asking for an update on my refund and then since then i have been getting an automated email saying this:

    Dear Stephanie

    Thank you for your order with Logo Design Guarantee.

    Before we can actually begin work on your design requirements we stress that we require payment before we can start. This email is just a reminder for payment.

    Payment can be made via this secure link:

    If you have made payment already then please feel free to ignore this email. We would have successfully received your payment. We would have already been notified via our internal system.

    Our designers will get straight to work on your requests. There is no need to do anything further.

    However, if you have yet to make payment, please do so by paying on the given payment link.

    We wish to reassure you that your designs will be fully custom-made, and, unlike most firms, you are entitled to a 100% money back-guarantee. You can only win.

    Further, we have a team of professional “in-house” designers and all orders are entitled to unlimited redraws and revisions.

    Here is the payment link again for you.

    Remember we would have received your logo order specification, and this would have been automatically saved in our system. There is no need to place an order again. Once payment is made, then our staff will automatically be notified and allocate your order to our designers.

    If you wish to ask any questions, you can do so by replying to this email.

    With every business success.

    Customer Services
    Logo Design Guarantee
    We Guarantee the Lowest Prices and the Best Money back Guarantee

    I get one of these emails pretty much every day. I would say if anyone at all is looking at working with this company think again, You will not get a remotely good logo and you will never get a refund. SCAM SCAM SCAM 50dollar logo also known as 25 dollar logo etc. They steal your money !!! These Criminals should be locked up...

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  • So
      Apr 18, 2011

    This business seems to be a fraudulent 'bait & switch' operation unlicensed and running out of the person belows home:

    Tommy O'Driscoll
    53 Fir Tree Avenue
    Oxford, Oxfordshire OX10 0PD
    EMail: [protected]

    Regarding the issue with NOCHEX... you must file a complaint and dispute / refund with your bank for refund. Show any correspondence you have with them to your bank.

    You may file complaints as I did with the following authorities to address the issue:

    a complaint on potential criminal and misleading business practices with:

    Thames Valley Police
    Reading Rd,
    Wallingford, West Berkshire OX10 9DN
    Telephone: [protected] / [protected],

    and for doing business without a license:
    Oxford Police Station
    St Aldates
    Oxford OX1 1SZ

    business license, unauthorised business location and taxation activities investigated by

    South Oxfordshire District Council
    Benson Lane
    Crowmarsh Gifford
    OX10 8NW
    Telephone: 01491.823.209

    having their domains and websites closed down for fraudulent activies via (registrar) and InMotion Hosting.(ISP)


    tommy o'driscoll
    53 fir tree avenue
    oxford, oxfordshire OX10 0PD

    Domain name: 50DOLLARLOGO.COM

    Administrative Contact:
    o'driscoll, tommy [protected]
    53 fir tree avenue
    oxford, oxfordshire OX10 0PD
    Technical Contact:
    o'driscoll, tommy [protected]
    53 fir tree avenue
    oxford, oxfordshire OX10 0PD

    Registrar of Record: TUCOWS, INC.
    Record last updated on 25-Jan-2011.
    Record expires on 24-Jan-2013.
    Record created on 24-Jan-2007.

    Registrar Domain Name Help Center:

    Domain servers in listed order:

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  • Wo
      Jul 21, 2011

    Total ripoff merchants - I realised my foolish mistake & cancelled within half an hour of dealing with them so no service & no refund.

    Been lied to, string along & fobbed off for weeks but I will get my refund through my bank.

    It is not helpful of people to tell us we're stupid - it is however helpful if people who've had a bad experience share it with others as a warning.

    Trying to prevent others from having a bad experience is charitable & admitable. Being a know all certainly is not.

    Good luck to anyone pursuing a refund & to anyone else considering using Logo Design Guarantee - avoid like the plague.

    I eventually used a fantastic, professional design company called British Design Logo for around £85+VAT.

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  • Wo
      Jul 21, 2011

    Just thought I'd update - after I made it my business to hound them this week I've actually got my money back!! It's real & sitting in my bank & not just another promise!!

    I had to get very legal with them though & warn them of my persistence, so it's heartening to know that it is possible to squeeze your cash (and the transaction fee for the unnecessary currency exchange) back out of them.

    Lesson learned for me. Best of luck everyone.

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  • Ci
      Jun 23, 2012

    HI guys,
    I had a very bad experience with this company. Although in the end I got my money back with the help of my bank, it was really time-consuming. Anyway, I think it is worthy to punish the bad guys. I think the bad experience should be similar to yours: bad design, no advice was take in the revision and promised to refund and even told you that they have refunded but nothing happened.
    I’d like to share some tips to fight against the vicious company.
    1, Keep all the on-line chatting records with them. Please note that there is a chatting record email can be sent by their system. The e-mail is sent by a company named 50dollarlogo which is a sister company to it. Together with 25poundlogo, they are all notorious;
    2, Keep all the emails you wrote to them, of course, they would never reply email to you when you begin to ask refund;
    3, Ask them about their address, tell them directly that you want to write a letter to them to claim your right. Mail the letter recorded. Whether they receive the letter or not is not important. If they received, they must reply you in written or refund you. If the letter is sent back to you, it just certify that even their address are not true.
    4, If the time is long enough and all the evidences pointing to a spam, you can turn to your bank to ask help. If you paid by credit card, you can also ask help from the card association. If you paid by debit card as me, you can ask for a debit card charge back. Keep in mind, I bet the first reaction of bank is to refuse your claim. But don’t give up, write a complaint letter to the bank and send it by a record mail. They will contact you and direct you to the department dealing with fraud. Following their directions, describe the whole story, attach the online contract (esp the 100% refund guarantee), the mails, emails and on-line chatting records, if you like, the comments about the company on line. Then your bank will investigate, if there is no problem, they will ask the company’s bank to investigate and charge the money back to you. If you success, the company will also be fined.
    From experience, I would strongly advise avoiding Logo Design Guarantee. They are too cheap to be true. If you are already in the trouble, don’t give up, you will win in the end and the company should be punished.

    I hope this helps.

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  • Br
      Jul 29, 2016 - SCAM
    United States

    Do not use this site. It is awful. I was sent logo's that came straight from clip art. Don't use them, stay well away.

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  • Up
      Jul 29, 2016 - SCAM
    United States

    This company is a scam. The phone number posted online is constantly off the hook. They have a chat function but they give you a canned response. They do not respond to emails. The logo work is poor and they do not listen to the changes/edits that you provide them with. Their website has been down for over a week and customers have no clue when they will give you access to their work. I found out that their sister company is called Logo Design Guarantee. They have a phone number so call them. But beware - they hung up on my 3x. Do not use them.

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