24 Hour Fitness / rude and racist

Citrus Heights, CA, United States

Hi I went to your gym today on Citrus Heights CA because I'm here for vacation this weekend and I decided to go to there for my workout today with my boyfriend (he has a membership there but not for to long), the girl who was as a receptionist it was super rude with me when I told her that I didn't have a membership and she was like "it's 20 dollars just for today", I went online and I got the free pass for three days so when I came to the gym again I told her look I have this free pass and she was like ok wherever, I need your ID, at this point I was really angry, so another employee came to me and told me that I have to put my name and everything I told him about the free pass and he told ok (like he didn't care all) but I have to charge the $20 anyways; so I wanna now about your policy on your 3 days free pass because I was thinking became a member at your gym but after that I'm not sure and I think my boyfriend it's gonna cancel his membership as well, thank you.

Oct 12, 2017

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