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24 Hour Fitness / terrible service from manager

1 FL, United States Review updated:

So today I stopped at the 24 Hour Fitness, Miramar, FL location, that recently opened a few months ago and decided to go check out to see if I would switch from LA Fitness. I walk in, filled in some info and waited about 5-10 mins which I really didn't mind at all since I figured the place was new, probably didn't have all the sales agents or maybe they were all busy. A guy came, named Rob, walked in front of me and said "what’s up" which felt a bit rude. I then cordially extended my hand, shock his hand and said "how you doing, I would like to check out the gym please". Initially I thought, "This must be the new guy" and decided to ignore it. He walked me around and showed me the placed without going into much detail which I actually prefer since I like to ask questions if I have any instead of being told everything about it. Once we were done, he stayed quiet so I asked if they had any specials and he says "$65 startup, well, $64 really, and then $29.99/month. The $64 covers first and last month" in which I said "oh, same as LA Fitness basically. " I honestly don't understand how this comment could have made him react like this but he pauses and says " I really don't care if you think is the same or not" then he walks me by the stairs, goes in a different direction and says "take care buddy". I kept walking a bit shocked at his response and at the undeserved and careless service. Once I stepped into the stairs he comes back and says "well, how much were you thinking about paying" to which I replied "well maybe around $20-$25 and then I said "I know you probably don't care if is the same as LA Fitness or not but it’s a bit rude to say that to a customer". He then passed me while going down the stairs as to lead me outside and replied "Well, I really don't care what you think. You came here with this attitude from the beginning" and kept walking. I asked "what attitude?" and he said "You came here like you just wanted to checkout the place and that’s it". I asked again, "what attitude?" and then said "Well, I just really wanted to check out the place. What were you expecting me to do? Ask you 100 questions?" in which he said "Yes. I would have go in deep about some things". And I explained to him that just because you don't ask questions about things doesn't mean you are not interested. I have been a member of LA Fitness for 8 years and wanted to switch to 24 Fitness because it is about 1 mile from my house and is 24 hours and just wanted to see if it offered the same accommodations, which it does. I don't need to ask him questions about anything since I have been a member of a very similar gym for too many years and I know what everything is for and how it works. He kept ranting and trying to justify how he really doesn't care at all what I think and pointed at the door and said if I don't like it the door is there and told me I could leave. I then said that I was not going to allow somebody to speak to me like that without a reason and that I would like to speak to his manager. With a very arrogant attitude he pointed at this ID badge who said "Manager" and said "I AM the manager". This continued and he asked me how much do I make and started making comments about how much he makes and that he drives a Range Rover and makes over $250, 000 a year and that he could care less if I subscribe or not since $60 won't make a difference to him. How he doesn't care what I think or who I talk to there. All this was happened in the front desk and the receptionist, Tasha, and a customer who happens to be a friend of mine from LA Fitness!
Honestly at this point I was incredibly furious and decided to ignore any further remarks to avoid a confrontation. I couldn't believe how arrogant this guy was and how he was allowed to work your place by treating customers like that. In my entire life I have never felt offended, mistreated and insulted enough so to officially file a complaint. This was at a location that just recently opened and the bad publicity won't help. It is very frustrating the fact that I do not feel comfortable to give my money to 24 Fitness and this location just because of the unpleasant service this gentleman provided me with. I really would like to know how your company would handle this. I’m not sure if this guy is a great sales men or not, but one unsatisfied customer speaks louder than 100 satisfied ones. I’m hoping to get a response from you within a reasonable time and see how you are going to handle this since I still would like to join your gym but would feel terribly uncomfortable with this gentleman there.

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      24th of Feb, 2009
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    If this happens, use your cell phone and call corporate.

    Have them call the 24 you are at and have them speak with you and the ### on speaker. See what happens then.

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