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24 Hour Fitness / they do not enforce towel policy!

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The 24Hour Fitness in Concord CA does not enforce the towel policy. Carrying a towel and wiping down the equipment is standard policy for this club. Yet none of the front office staff, nor any of the sales personnel enforces or is willing to ask users to carry a towel. With the increase in skin staph infections, this is gross and not healthy. What will it take, a lawsuit to enforce this basic cleanliness requirement. 24 Hour Fitness is all show, no go. They gladly take your money and then do not maintain their club.

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  • De
      12th of Feb, 2008
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    I find that the 24-Hour Fitness organization is not customer-service oriented and only out to take whatever money they can get from their customers. They lack any safety for the members at the clubs and do not follow their own policies. No towel, street colthing, sandals, broken equipment, trianers blocking aisles and walkways; all issues that the local Staff and Management in San Diego, CA clubs do not seem to remedy or resolve. I have been a memeber since inception of the name, 24-Hour Fitness and was a member of the older Family Fitness Center, which was run better than this club. I have been a member of both for 30+ years.

  • Di
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    I have discussed the towel issue with the manager Janelle Tracey at the Lancaster 24 Hour Fitness gym in Salem Oregon. They put a sign on the desk saying "Sweating is optional, TOWELS are mandatory." Cool, I said. A week later the sign was replaced by a different sign (nothing to do with towels) but a different sigh. I pick up the sign and say, "Oh, we dont have to bring towels anymore?" One of the 4 people at the desk said yes we still have to bring towels. If this is the case, why doesn't one of those people walk around and ask people where their towels are? I am just about ready to quit because they don't enforce the towel policy. I haven't been for a couple of weeks because I get sick everytime I go there. The contract I signed says "You must have a cloth towel with you during workouts to protect and clean the machines you use."

  • Ja
      18th of Jun, 2008
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    dont go to 24 hour waikiki. its disgusting and like the other clubs dont give a rip about the towel policy. disgusting.

  • Ro
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    The notice above sounds exactly like the experience I have had with the Concord CA Sun Valley Mall 24 Hour Fitness Center. No one ever sees the managers or staff walking amongst the members to insure that towels are used, or that proper use of the equipment is being applied...or that the members are behaving properly such as sharing the equipment. Other thoughts I would like to share are:

    During 2008, I have been working out at the Concord CA Sun Valley Mall facility, and I am amazed at the bad service the staff and managers provide. My understanding is that Carlos is the General Manager, and a man named Damon is the "floor manager". Both men are polite, but they have the following attitude:

    " The Corporation does not allow local management teams to have adequate staff to watch over the floor for customers who abuse the equipment by sitting on the equipment and resting on it, instead of allowing other members to access the equipment. This is a ruse because the truth is that there is plenty of staff to casually look at what is happening on the floor...and if the staff was told to do so, they could easily see who the abusing customers are, and they could require the customers to behave properly or require the offending customers to leave. This is basic gym etiquette and those who do not get to use the equipment are left to be frustrated or to have confrontations with other gym members."

    Other points I would like to make are:

    1. I recently asked another Sun Valley Mall/24 Hour Fitness gym member if I could "work in with him" on a piece of equipment, and his answer was the he wanted to complete 2 more sets after having just completed one set, before he would share the equipment...when I told him I didn't feel that this was appropriate, his response was "### You". I went to a seasoned 50 year old employee named Mike...who came and addressed the abusive customer, and the employee felt that it was the right for the abusing customer to control the machine for several minutes (about 10 minutes. although the customer said he only used it for 60 seconds)...and the employee observed first hand that the other member verbally abused me with a round of what an ###, ###ing jerk, etc etc etc that I was for asking to get to share the machine. When I pointed out to the employee that this was inappropriate and I felt the other member should be required to leave, the employee said that he had no authority to make the other member leave, regardless of the threatening and vulgar language that was being used.

    2. the same employee (Mike) noted in point #1 above told me that the current ownership/management (according to the employee, Home Depot bought out the 24 Hour Fitness business) is acting like the previous ownership/management with respects to safe use of equipment. Employees are directed to not circulate amongst the equipment using customers to correct them when they are misusing equipment. Many pieces of gym equipment, especially weight lifting equipment, can cause severe injuries and even potentially death. However, employees are told that all customers/members sign "injury waivers" so, the members are allowed to do unsafe things. This speaks to the philosophy of 24 Hour Fitness Management. There is no "right or wrong" in their facility...just what makes money.

    3. The only truly good thing I can say about the 24 Hour Fitness business is that it is cheap, and if one is willing to work out very late at night...say 9 PM or later...or in the early morning hours of 12 AM - 6 AM, there is good value to be achieved without much aggravation. However, if members must use the facility during busy hours, the members are sure to be aggravated and subjected to confrontation if one wants to ask to share equipment with the meat head muscle freaks, or if one asks to share equipment with the simply selfish or uneducated gym users. Certainly there are many members who are pleasant and willing to share...but there are many who are not...and the 24 Hour managers and staff are actually directed to not require reasonable behavior from all members.

    4. If I did not have a prepaid, 1 year full membership, I would go use another gym. Bally's has better & newer equipment and a nicer, cleaner environmnet...but they have a little more cost and fewer hours of availability (5 AM - 11 PM)...and, Bally's pushes for 3 year contracts (although when pushed, they do offer "today only specials" where you can get one year contracts).

    5. To make a complaint other than to the local manager who is in charge of "damage control, " is next to impossible. If you call "customer service", they turn you back to the local managers like Carlos, who is in charge of making sure nothing gets addressed.

    I suppose I should just realize I need to work out in the late evenings or early mornings...and accept what 24 Hour Fitness is all inexpensive, no frills gym...that is not at all interested in creating a pleasant environment. Clearly, the method of management puts members in either has to shut up, or be prepared to have conflict with others...including some of the low class, pumped up muscle heads that frequent 24 Hour Fitness.

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