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21st Mortage. Very bad I can't wait till I get away from them. If our payment is due on the 15, they will blow our phones up all day on the 15!! They have asked me in phone conversations how much our light bill is, phone bill, car payments, etc. they think they need to know all this info when it is none of their business. They have also called at 9 PM. We have 2 kids that's a No no!! We fell behind due to an emergency surgery for our son and there response " we don't care about your son nor his surgery, if you cared about your son you would be more worried about a roof being over his head!" Now this happened on the 21st 6 days after the payment was due!!! I truly hate this company and I don't see how they are not shut down. I'm sick of the loan officer Jeremy weaver we get harassing phone calls from him ALL the time!!!

Mar 14, 2013
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  • Su
      Mar 20, 2013

    I feel your pain. Here's some tips - even though this applies to third party collection companies.. send a cease and desist letter. Most companies will still follow it.. read up on it though as some lenders will escalate it further.. another option - block the number as its the same number. And a third option is my most favorite - get another mortgage and move if your credit rating and debt ratio is low enough and then default (strategic default) - If you plan on living there, there will be a repo but only for 7 years - they cant touch the new home - God Bless America!

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  • Sh
      Apr 13, 2013

    They are jerks and don't care if you have food on the table to feed your kids your electric bill paid or your child died. They just want their money

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  • Un
      Jun 21, 2014

    I refuse to speak to ANYONE there. They are EXCEEDINGLY rude and enjoy belittling their customers. I was being harassed constantly for being a few days late. The harassing phone calls would not stop (extremely annoying). They demand that you call them to review your account and will ask you 100 questions regarding your income and bills. I finally blocked them on my phone and will ONLY communicate with them via email. Now I have peace of mind!

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  • Jr
      Dec 04, 2014

    They are ridiculous and very rude. We are going to refinance this loan or pay it off asap. I faxed them under no circumstances are they to call husband or myself. Our loan was sold to them without our knowledge which I think should be illegal, because we would have NEVER chosen them as our lender. I refuse to talk to them and if they ever call my neighbor I will not hesitate to file harassment charges, I am going to file a FTC complaint on them because they cross the line with their badgering. You do not have to talk to them, you don't have to talk to anyone you do not want to, its a basic human right.

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