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21st Mortgage / trying to change contract

1 Longview, TX, United States Review updated:

My husband and I made the terrible decision to take over a woman's loan from 21st Mortgage on a mobile home approximately 10 years ago. We continued making payments until 3 years ago. We were unable to afford the home anymore, so we contacted 21st Mortgage and told them that we would like to sell the home. They said, due to the circumstances, sell the home for what we could and then we would only be responsible for the deficiency balance. We did as they requested. We had a buyer willing to pay $15, 000 cash, which left us with approximately $10, 000 left. We would agree to pay the balance. We moved out of the home and begin the process of selling it to the interested buyer. Instead, 21st Mortgage told us that they would not agree to that and they repossessed the house since we had moved out, did repairs to the house (some not needed) and sold the house. The best part - it went as a foreclosure on our credit!!! We agreed to repay the amount so that it wouldn't be shown as a foreclosure anymore. We agreed to monthly payments, but when the paperwork arrived, there were many mistakes, so we re-submitted the paperwork to them for necessary revisions. Now, they are saying that we need to double our monthly payment because there was an error on their part and the paperwork. The repayment contract has been signed. I have emails from our so-called customer service agent stating that our monthly payments of $XXX have been posted. Now, they are sending me a complimentary copy of the re-payment agreement so that we can all be on the same page. This company is the worst company I have ever seen and wish someone would step in and take them down!

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  • Wa
      22nd of Sep, 2009
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    Me too!

  • Br
      12th of Dec, 2009
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    AMEN, I wish someone would investagate them what they are doing cannot be legal...

  • Sa
      19th of Jan, 2010
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    My husband and I also assumed a loan from 21st Mortgage.They told us when we assumed the loan from his aunt that we had to pay 18 months of timely payments, which we did, and the home would go into our name.That was October 2006.It is January of 2010, and the home is still not in our name.They always have a reason, some way or another, not to put it in our name.Even though our credit score and history are fine and we held up to our end of the agreement.This company needs to be investigated.The stuff they do to hard working people trying to own there own home is not legal.It couldn't be.We have filed a complaint with our state.Our advice to everyone having difficulty with them should follow suit and file a claim with their state.

  • 21
      23rd of Feb, 2010
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    The FBI has established a Mortgage Fraud Task Force. If you feel you have evidence of fraud against 21st Mortgage Corporation please contact the nearest FBI office. An intake specialist will take your complaint. It is then forwarded to the investigatos with the Mortgage Fraud Task Force. From there, they review your complaint and determine if fraud or predatory lending occured and will iniate a case, if so. Even if your home has alraedy been foreclosed upon, it is not too late.

    It is imperative that these crooks are stopped and we need to use all available means possible to put a stop to 21st Mortgage Corporations fraudulalant activity. We are not just helping ourselves, we are saving perspective homebuyers of the future from going through the same fraudulent lending violations and fraudulant foreclosures.

  • Hi
      21st of Jul, 2010
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    I have been having the same issues with this mortgage company. Complaining to them has not made any difference, I need to know who to complain too!! I am not going to stop until they do something about their practices. After doing research, they gave me a loan when the house took up 52% of my monthly income, they should not have done that and if you read their lending practices, they say that they do not. I had lost my job since then and had to take another job not making as much money, and they will not help in any way I have tried to work with them on refinancing, lowering the interest rate, etc. I just want to be able to complain to someone that will be able to do something about their practices!

  • Wi
      4th of Dec, 2011
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    My family and I were desperate for a home after the mobile home we were previously living in had caught fire, I had worked for ten years to pay off. Homeless after the fire we still had 15000.00 for down payment on a double wide from Twenty First Mortgage. Now I wish we would have stayed homeless, 21st have been horrable monsters and lieing cheaters who needs a classaction lawsuit brought against them. so at least they can not profit from abusing people who need help and taking advantage of the elderly, disabled and the misfortunate! When you are on time they say you are late, in order to charge a late fee. Then when you do get behind and you ask for help they agree than they want you to talk to there supervisors who are worst than crap! They belittle you they bug your friends, family and work unlawfully! We need help from the big people!

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