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I am not only having financial problems, i am also having health issues. I am self employed and due to the health issues I cant work as much. I am behind on all my bills so I try to pay the important bills, lights, mortgage and food. I cant make the mortgage payment until the end of the month. I have done that for months. Last nite, i wasnt able to get the payment in because I was at the ER for asthma. I called this morning and got the two worst people talking to me so very rudely. Asking questions that wasnt called for, telling me that they would not take my payment. Telling me what my responsibilites are. They were so upsetting and rude, my anxiety level was over the roof. I was told to do a hardship paperwork and make the next payment by the 24th or they would not take the payment. I have rights and if I am not 90 days late why be treated this way? i read other complaints about this company and I never knew I wasnt the only one . Kayla and Katlin you need Jesus. I should be treated with kindness and respect. Especially since I was calling to make the payment. Lisa James August 1, 2018

Aug 01, 2018
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      Dec 14, 2018

    They called my mom tonight to confirm payment for Dec. 20, but earlier this month our car insurance was canceled because of accidents we had last year. Anyway she told the customer service rep she has to put off the the payment until Dec. 26 so of course she had to talk to the “manager”. He was so rude telling her she needed to ask our church for help paying the payment or that she needed to ask a friend for the money or even sell something. He even went on to tell her she needed to pay her bills, and threatened her with for closure, and flat out refuse to take her word for it that the payment would be made on the 26th. This company has ALWAYS worked with her, this is the first time something like this is happened. She has NEVER missed a payment on this loan it may have been late some times but these people have ALWAYS gotten their money!!
    She lives pay check to pay check and she is disabled and on kidney dialysis. Keep in mind it’s almost Christmas and she NEEDS car insurance because where she lives if your car insurance is canceled your license is suspended!! The managers name was chad.

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