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I always make my payment early. I received a letter today stating that my payment was late. I checked my bank account on-line. My check to them posted on 8-4-09. It was due on 8-06-09. They are a bunch of ###s threatening to turn me in to a credit bureau. I have always had perfect credit. They also send letters threatening to raise my payment for not having insurance. I have always had insurance with the same company I use for auto. Every few months I have to go through the hassle of getting my insurance company to send them proof of insurance. I did not choose this company, but m Chase sold some accounts to them. As a result of their bad customer service, I will be getting rid of them and going through my credit union and getting a better rate a the same time. Nice to see that others are also having problems with them.

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  • Si
      Dec 11, 2009

    It is the policy of 21st mortgage to only address customer complaints in a confidential discussion with our customer. To appropriately respond to a complaint may require releasing confidential information, which is strictly forbidden under federal privacy regulations. We will attempt to contact the referenced customer to resolve this complaint.

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