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21st Mortgage / upside down

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I too have a mortage with 21st. I currently have my mobilehome listed for sale. I owe way more that what it's worth. 21st has said that they would accept a short sale, but I would still be responsible for the difference. Has anyone done this with 21st? If I just stop making my mortgage payments, how long does it take before you are forced to move? Will they come after me, like garnish my wages or something? Does anyone know?

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  • Do
      20th of Mar, 2010
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    21 st mortage - harrasment, over charged, mentanly abuse,
    21st mortage
    United States
    Phone: 18009550021

    please veiw my cmments i made earlier. it explains in detail my issues. on3/5/2010

  • Ja
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    Same deal here, but I live in California, and we are NOT responsible for the difference, same goes in Arizona. DON'T do a short sale. Let it go into foreclosure. Our Realtor said let them do it. Take your chances in front of a judge. File for Bankruptcy like the rich do. It will be OK. in 2 years you'll be buying another home. GO get bankrupcty PROTECTION.

    My husbands' company closed doors and blam, out of a job after 12 years. Then after 10 mos. on UI, he finds another job and THAT COMPANY closes doors. So with all of these things happening beyond our control, why should you or I feel guilty?

    If jobs are not going to be guaranteed for at least 20 years while people pay of their homes, then any contract we sign, should become null and void. If we cannot sign a contract with an employer for say 5 years of employment, then NO MORTGAGE NOTE should EVER BE for 30 YEARS.

    Don't worry anymore. DO you think these billionaire worry about you? Stop paying the mortgage and save every dollar you can (at home not in the bank) No one is going to throw you out because if you read the papers, don't you know we've all been scammed?

  • Ja
      4th of Oct, 2010
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    I forgot to say, if you are still working, file a CHAPTER 13. You'll pay a certain amount according to your wages, for about 3 to 5 years, but after that, YOU OWN EVERYTHING. You'll pay pennies on the dollar.

    Foreclosures have been stopped in so many states right now, that by the time they get to you, this could be a done deal. Go get a free consultation with an attorney. We're going to find out that our mortages belong to CHINA or something, believe me.

    BTW, did you know Warrren Buffett own 21st mortgage? Think of that when you decide to make your payment on your worthless home. I was looking around for the appraisal. Guess what? Can't find it in the loan docs. What do you bet they were DOCTORED?

    We paid $130 for our place in a 5 star high dollar neighborhood, voted one of the TOP TEN cities in Family Circle August issue 2010, and we can't sell our house for more that $40 or $50k. As far as we're concerned, we're more than that much in already, we should OWN IT NOW> LET'S STICK TOGETHER !!!

  • Da
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    do not do it, short sale is not for your benefit. Get legal advice.

  • La
      24th of May, 2012
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    I live in Texas and I am only $275.00 short on my mortgage for may of 2012 I will admit I have a history of late payments but I am paying. Well my mortgage company which is 21rst mortgage is threatening to report if not paid by the 31rst. I tried to explain to them that I can pay on the 1rst of June when I get paid but they said no that it has to be posted no later than the 31rst. What should I do, I won't have it until the 1rst. And borrowing it is out of the question.any ideas

  • Sh
      13th of Apr, 2013
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    They are ruthless. All of these complaints are true. I was renting a manufactured home. And since Aug of last year they had not made a payment. We were not aware. In November we found out after getting a letter in the mail to the owners. We called them and they made a deal with us to make the owners payments which is more than we were paying but were not in the situation to move at that time. Since then they are on the phone constantly, and if we are late they got to get everyone involved, making me feel terrible even if its only gonna be less than 10 days late. They are horrible I would never buy a manufactured home ever, first of all, but to have these people be your lenders they have no sympthoy,

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