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21st Mortgage / awful company

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21st. Mortgage and Palm Harbor are obviously in deceptive business practices. They mislead and connive in all of there business. I now am the proud owner of a home that is improperly placed on my lot, it has missing and faulty wiring, the support beams collapsed and floor sags all within the first few weeks and that is just the home. then 21st comes in and threatens, and harasses until you are in such duress you cant think straight. all the while their shoddy business practices they inform you are your problems.


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  13th of Dec, 2008
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21st morgage is terrible, If anyone sues them and needs a statement from me i can be reached at, Nick Surma, 28324 spruce dr, flat rock mi. 48134
  18th of Dec, 2008
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In January of 2008, my husband and I entered into a private contract to purchase the home we are currently living in. We had spent a year paying off all our debt so we could buy a home. We are currently building our credit back up.

The woman we were purchasing the home from has missed or been late with her payments, prompting 21st Mortgage to contact the lot manager where the mobile home is located and myself. On 11-18-2008 21 Mortgage called my home and requested that my husband and I pay the October payment for this woman and in doing so this would show 21st Mortgage that we would be willing and able to assume this womans mortgage. I was very interested in doing this, as I was told we wouldn't have to go through a credit check, just come in and sign some papers, and the loan would be ours. (Kinda fell for it, wishful thinking) I told them I could have a payment for them on the 21st of Nov.

On the 21st of Nov., 9am on the dot they were calling for their payment. I made a payment over the phone. I asked for a receipt to be mailed to me to show proof of the payment. (Still waiting!

Two weeks later another phone call, wanting the Nov. payment. When I tried to explain that we had lot rent due and that I could pay in two weeks, things got ugly. Because I didn't hand over the payment right then and there, he got very snotty with me. I asked for proof in writing for a guarantee that if I made this payment we were going to be assuming this womans loan. He was unwilling to do that. He then told me if I didn't pay he was going to evict us from the home. When I asked for an address to mail a payment he refused to give me one. Long story short, I googled the company and found this site, not to mention their address. This company doesn't care who pays that payment as long as they get their money. After talking to an attny, what this company did is against the law. They are not allowed to discuss anyones loans with anyone other than the persons whos names are on them. Please be aware you do have right against these practices!
  23rd of Jun, 2009
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It is the policy of 21st mortgage to only address customer complaints in a confidential discussion with our customer. To appropriately respond to a complaint may require releasing confidential information, which is strictly forbidden under federal privacy regulations. We will attempt to contact the referenced customer to resolve this complaint.
  5th of Nov, 2009
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I bought my home through Palm Harbor & 21st mortgage. What a JOKE! If anyone reads this who is considering buying a home through them DO NOT DO IT!!! Palm Harbor lied. I agree with Nick Surma.
  26th of Nov, 2009
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Silverado99 (AKA Silverado on other complaint message boards) is a high-ranking corporate officer at 21st, either the VP of Servicing or their head corporate recruiter. Just as he is correct in asserting that such issues are confidential and must be resolved with the holder of the note, the complainant is also correct in asserting that 21st's policy concerning "live and pays", or individuals not listed on the note that are living in the home and are making payments on a loan not in their name, often involves disclosing confidential information to unauthorized sources - a policy that a number of 21st's collection agents do in fact practice.
  4th of Dec, 2009
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It is not confidential when a loan officer from 21st Mortgage starts contacting your neighbors and give the contacted neighbor information that you are late on your loan and they are trying to see if you are still living in home and much more information. That is illegal!!!
  4th of Dec, 2009
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I agree also!! Boy, they saw us coming. It is our belief that the man that sold us our home was in some shading dealings with one of the loan officers at 21st...we had never bought a home before and I guess it showed. The salesman at the "lot" told us we would get the home we had choosen..then days later "oops..your land wasn't worth enough..and this is the only way I can put you in a home...buy this smaller home ..site unseen..straight from the manufacturer in Dallas..and did I mention..I gave the appraiser $100 to change the value of your property?" ...Then, even though we were told they would have our land cleared...water..electric and all would be part of our deal..we find out 3 days before the home arrived..that they were not doing any of that. And lets not forget...it's time to talk to 21st..the home wasn't set yet (days from it in fact)...but your loan officer knows this and is willing to go ahead...just act like the home is set while talking to her (call may be recorded) or you will not get the home. I know now that I should not have gone through with that conversation...but after many months of this run around...I was desperate to get in a home with my family..I was overwhelmed and didn't fully understand the process ..I had been bullied and lied to..was at my wits end to say the least. I feel like I was taken advantage of from the word go...and to top it all off...this brand new home..was terrible..had to have the manufacturer out several times (once their "handy man" was even electricuted due to a manufacturer error with the wiring underneath not being grounded properly...the worse part of the setting up..was the "lots" handy man..he took out a support beam (which still hasn't been replaced 4 yrs later) ...got grease or some nasty black residue (which will not come off regardless of what we do..we finally painted over it) on 2/3 of the walls...the siding was never finished by them...the last straw with that man..was when he used the toilet in the master bathroom (and I'm not talking about urinating here folks) knowing full well that the water was not to the house yet. Yes, very nice to walk into that smell made worse by the fact that is was summer and had set for 2 days..nice. We took our complaints to our "loan officer" and she said.."oh well...it's too late now...you shouldn't have been so stupid" and laughed...had the nerve to laugh. I asked.."so how much did you make from this stupidity of mine?" ..her response..."enough for a cruise baby". Tell me she was not in on this with the salesman from the lot...and I shall repent for every unkind word I have said about her. Now, we are behind on our payments..we have talked to our loan officer..and she still calls up to 10 times (on each phone) ..sends text messages..and has started calling our neighbors..and has givien out more information that I feel is legal to them...harrassment...violation of privacy...I would never reccommend this comapny to anyone. We were told recently that the "presidents mortgage bailout" did not extend to them..in fact it should..being with whom 21st is affiliated with!!! ..
  12th of Dec, 2009
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I feel for you, I too have been ripped off from this company I make my payments and they won't even post it to my account they put it in something they call overage and then threaten me with foreclosure because I am late on my payments and only God knows what they are doing with my money I intend to get a Lawyer because I am sick of dealing with the damn crooks and oh yea they can lie like the serpent in the garden of eden...I f anyone reads this please for your sake don't do business with them run like hell and save yourself from the endless trouble and harassment...
  18th of Jan, 2010
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21 st is a HORRIBLE company!! I am 32 days pass due because they lied to me and jacked my payments up $200 a month! I had a car accident and was in the hospital and they told me that was my problem I needed to get someone to go make the payment! They call me allday long harrasing me. I was even told that I didn't need to worry about buying food I needed to go eat at a shelter and make my payment with the money. I advise anyone who deals with them to think twice!
  23rd of Mar, 2010
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silverado99 - your post is a bunch of BS. 21st mortgage discusses peoples mortgage with anyone they feel like. they call around to random people asking if they know people. there seriously needs to be a class action filed against 21st mortgage for their illegal practices.
  5th of Jul, 2010
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We have been with 21st since 2004. The honeymoon was great for the first couple of years. Then the list of financial issues you can't find in a horror fiction novel hit us. We started getting behind on payments trying to keep up with everything, including the skyrocketing cost of living. We began getting calls if we were two weeks late. They truly don't care, they just want their money now, regardless of your personal issues. At one point, we were about 3 months behind. They were calling my neighbors, my job and my wife's job. We both heard from co-workers about speaking with our mortgage company, because we were "behind on their mortgage and we are trying to locate" us. My parents have been called by them, her parents have been called by them, but best of all, they found my wife's ex mother in law who called us and said our mortgage company had better stop calling her, causing more trouble between her and her ex!

DO NOT try and tell me this is against any company policy! I have one set of neighbors, my wife's ex mother in law, and one of my wife's former employees who have told us they will say in court what these people have done. I would welcome a personal debate with any 21st employeess who will say I'm not being truthful.

Furthermore, we have asked time and again for them to work out a different payment schedule with us. We have been paying 12.25%. They have continuously rebuffed our efforts to save our home, saying they are under no obligation to modify our mortgage. My wife and I are now having to file an
emergency bankruptcy in an attempt to avoid foreclosure
  29th of Aug, 2011
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I called 21st and requested our home be refinanced at a lower interest rate and they said my home was not elgible as Solitaire Homes in Oklahoma City, the dealer had an interest in our home. We were never told this at closing, ironically, Solitaire did the closing and they never told us that if the house was put on piers, it would not be eligible for FHA financing. 21st tried to get us to purchase a home owner insurance policy that was twice the amount of what we are paying for the same coverage. Then...they failed to make our insurance payment on time and the insurance company termed our policy! i called 21st and they paid it out of our escrow. Also...does anyone know if the escrow is suppose to be in a seperate account and 21st is suppose to let us know? Please contact me at awakening12@yahoo.com and please no SPAM! Thanks!
  28th of Nov, 2011
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I have my mortgage with the same company, when me and my husband got our home. it costed us $59.000 dollar's we payed $22.500 down that was more than enough they put us in 12.25% bracket to our payment's is still $683.00 a month we are looking at a foreclosure anytime now it seem's like we will never get ahead dealing with the company they really don't care about your other need's, because one time back in 2006 my son got killed and i was late on my payment the bank called me and ask when could i make my payment. I said sir my son just go killed a few day"s ago he said I"m sorry about your lost, but when can you make a payment I know right then I'm in trouble, trying to get everything together i did'nt know if i was going or coming. it really took a lot for me to not tell this man where he could go. they just want their money, this bank should be investigated i know if i had to do it again it just would'nt happen.
  8th of Jun, 2012
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I agree that this co should be shut down, we have not experienced the disrespect except at the beginning of the loan process. My husband called 21st and questioned parts of the contract, the manager screamed and stated we were no longer approved, we received a letter verifying this a few days later. We should have walked away, but Ames Homes talked us into letting them handle the matter. Here we are 3 yrs later and every yr the payments keep rising, we had a fixed payment along with escrow for our insurance [ not theirs] and property taxes even though our property was not part of the loan, [chattel mortgage] so they keep raising due to escrow, taxes and insurance have not changed. I guess Warren Buffet needs more money since this is under Berkshire umbrella.

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