2011 Opel Astra 1.4T EnjoyDealership unable to fix my car

I felt compelled to share my experience with you I bought a new Opel Astra 1.4T Enjoy in August 2011 from Weskaap Motors in Vredenburg. A month into owning my car, my problems started. First it was a rattling noise coming from rear wheels (they replaced some pins there), then the clutch kept slipping and the computer had to be reprogrammed, next was the handbrake that kept releasing (software update was done), next was the gear link system, front shocks and inner door seals that were replaced under warranty. For each of these problems, it cost me a day, sometimes 2 or 3 days without my car and no offer of a courtesy car.
Recently I've had to take my car in to the service centre several times as it was losing power & cutting out while driving. This started a week after they serviced it end of November. Finally after 2 breakdowns and call outs, 2 days in the workshop, did the mechanics determine that it was the ignition coil (also only after I googled the symptoms and phoned them with that suggestion). Last month, a week after the ignition coil was replaced, it broke down again and after a few days now they determined the catalytic converter has also failed now.
This is worrisome for me. Catalytic converters rarely fail and are usually a sign of worse things to come. Once the catalytic converter fails it can do massive damage.This usually happens if the engine has run poorly for an extended time (misfiring). For example: an ignition coil that is not working will quickly ruin the catalytic converter if the engine is allowed to run more than a few minutes misfiring.
It doesn't end there, they've had my car since December 12th, needless to say, I get a call saying the battery has died since it's been standing for a month, the car was taken to Motolek to have the wiring checked, then they also replaced some hoses of some kind & it still isn't fixed. I constantly have to phone them to find out what's going on and when I can expect to get my car back. I've even resorted to driving down there to speak to them in person and was met with a poor attitude and lack of caring about my situation from the head of the workshop. In the meantime, I'm still paying my hefty car installment regardless.
This morning after sending them the fifth email, I was told, they think it might be something else, which they've ordered and the part should arrive on Thursday the 16th January. No guarantee that it will be the solution either.
I'm at my wits end already. I've never in my entire life experienced such disgusting service and it was a new car! Totally unacceptable in my opinion.

Jan 14, 2014

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