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2007 Mazda 3 / alot of white smoke out of exhust

1 Markham, Ontario, Canada

The car over all is ok(my wife wanted the car?). I don't drive it much but one day in July 2007, I noticed something wrong with the performance and for what ever reason I looed in the rear view mirror and all I saw was WHITE SMOKE covering the whole entire hyway. I pulled over turned off the car and checked everything. We proceded down the hiway and it did it again. We took it to the dealership. Of coarse they said they couldn't find anything wrong. I thought maybe it was the gas we put in the car from that no-name gas station. About a month later, with the god gas, it happained again. In total we have seen it 4 times, and dealership has know idea what is causing the problem. I have noticed that when it is blowing white smoke the car doesn't perform as well. the more you give it gas, the more it smokes, and oh boy does it ever [censored]ing smoke.

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