1tb Hp Hard Drive / sold my an empty box and won't refund

United States

I purchased a 1TB HP Hard Drive for $99.99 on 04/23/10 from Microcenter. Upon returning to my home, I learned that the box was empty, only having a wall plug that would be used to run power to the Hard Drive. Since it was after business hours, I couldn't get the matter rectified. The following day, I called the store, only to get a song and dance about their not being a manager available and that I would have to call back. Eventually, I spoke with a phone operator named Jason who stated, "This isn't the first time this has happened, just bring the box and your receipt back and it'll get resolved." On 04/25/10 I was approached by Manager Don Johnson who had a replacement Hard Drive in his hand. He proceeded to ask me if I could feel the weight difference in the two, but I explained to him the representative carried the box up to the register and I was more concerned with the printer that I was carrying out of the store. Needless to say, Don Johnson referred me to the police, stating that someone must have stolen the harddrive, even though I explained the circumstances to him. I asked him if Microcenters policy was to sell cconsumers empty boxes and not honor a refund or replacement policy and his reply was, "Yes, in this instance." Shady business on Microcenter's behalf. I have filed a complaint with the BBB and I will spread the word to as many consumer sites as possible.


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