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1-800 Office Max Online Customer Service Blatton Lies / black friday lies of deseat

1 United States
Contact information:
Phone: 1.800.283.7674

11/24 Prior to Black Friday I had called Office Max's 800 online to ask several questions a total of 3 different times to ask about everything about a computer.
As I listened to each one of the 3 customer service people, as if it was in scrip, they said I should order it online and If I were lucky to go to there Black Friday Sale and obtain that computer, that I would have until "Saturday afternoon" to cancel my online order and nothing will ship until the following Monday!
So, my wife and I got up at 4AM to Wait in line at 5AM being fifth and sixth in line. The store opened at 7AM we attempted to purchased the computer as the sales people weren't trained properly and had to cancel my transaction a few times, which put a halt on my debut card, , , geeesh. I had to call my bank and they said it was Office Max not the banks fault, finally it got resolved. I went straight home, 9AM put down the bags and call Office Max 800 to cancel.
The customer service rep assured me that I have canceled and affirmed that I would not be charged. I had requested an e-mail to confirm this.
At 2PM, 5 hours latter I received an e-mail stated that the order was ship already!
I gathered all the bags and computer went back to the store and returned it, the manager OK the return. The sales person said that they had an inter office e-mail that said to advise customers if they wanted to order nothing would ship till Monday.
We left and went to Best Buy and attempted to purchased a laptop computer and Bam Rejected two times had to call my bank and they finally went threw. The bank recommend that I go back to Office Max with a list and that that the Manager fax over to my bank, he was very helpful and asked If I would print out a copy of both Order confirmation and the e-mail stated that it shipped, I did, he faxed to my bank.
I returned home to make sure that my bank had rec'd the fax.The bank made a conference call to Office Max 800 and I had ask what are you going to do about the situation boy, talk about sitting on there thumbs! I asked for the CSR to talk to there manager to do something and said would you to talk to my bank, there on the line, he said hold on...20 minutes rolls on...the bank rep said...I think they hung up, I called back and asked the next CSR, What was the shipping company, he replied " a private company...geesh. I asked again he replied UPS Wa.DC hub, I asked whats the tracking number? he said there is no tracking number...geesh! I called the manager at the store to let him know. I called my bank and thought to refuse the shipment would be wise, So I taped a letter (Large Font)that I am refusing shipment from Office Max. UPS came to my door and took the letter on 2 Dec.
I had to fight with these Idiots at Office Max 800 till today 7th December and a Rep at Office Max 800 called me on the phone accusing me that I received it on 6th Dec...I was furious!!! I called the manager at the store and gave him an update, he asked if I could give him 24hrs to look more into it because he also said he spoke with her also and said that a person Bates signed for it!

I called UPS and I relaid my story, They said you know what? OK here is the killer answer! Bates did signed for it! Bates is an employee of OFFICE MAX! Geesh it was refused returned to Office MAX on 6th December!!! WOW what jerks, , , , , , tomorrow I will call the manager weather he like Sunny Side Up or Hard Boiled ??????????? What hell they put me threw!

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